How to Create Your Own Options Menu on Nikon D5600?

Keeping track on how to navigate all the options for a Nikon D5600 is very challenging. The most troublesome task of all the tasks that can sound daunting is changing the menus. With all the tasks that need adjustment through menus, one can feel absolutely confused. You can make a custom menu of your choosing, which would include the menus that you use most, if you want to remove this issue. Up to 20 menus can be included in this customized option. Read on to find out if you are wondering how you can add menus to the custom menu option. On the left side, the My Menu option will be highlighted. The custom menu is configured to carry up to 20 configurations that you need the most.

How to Create Your Own Options Menu on Nikon D5600

Step 1- Choose The Items That You Wish To Add

You’ll see a panel that includes a list of all the menus for the camera. From the list, you must select a menu that includes the alternative that you wish to add to the list of menus that you have personalized. There are certain menus, though, which can’t be added to this list. Next to the menus that can not be added to this custom menu set, you can see a box with a slash written over it. Apart from those, in the custom list, you can select any thing you want to install.

Step 2- Tap On The Menu Or Use Multi Selector

You can individually press objects, or you can use the multi-selector option to highlight the menus. You need to press on the OK button after you have selected all the menus. After this, you can see the ‘Choose Location’ screen. You need to press OK or hit the “back” button that appears at the top of the page. This will carry you to the My Menu page again. On top of the panel, all the things you originally selected will now appear.

Step 3- Rearranging The Menus

If you have finished adding the second item to your custom menu list, at the bottom of the “Choose position” screen, you can find a “Move” icon open. With the aid of that choice, the location of the menus chosen can easily be rearranged. Everything one has to do is pick the object and press down or up the multi selector. The “Move” button, which is at the bottom of the screen, can also be clicked. A yellow line will be shown. Positioning the location above where you want the inserted object to be positioned and clicking OK would help you reposition the item.

Your menu will be saved in this manner, and the previous My Menu screen will display.

Step 4- Removing The Menu Items

You can also uninstall the menu items that you added to the personalized list. You’re going to have to go to the computer for ‘My Menu.’ Pick a choice from the screen that reads ‘Delete Objects’ and press OK. Then, a list of all the available menu items will be shown. There will be a box on each menu next to it. You have to verify if it’s a box if you want to move an object off the list. After all the things you wish to delete have been picked, press OK. A confirmation will show asking if you want to uninstall the chosen objects for sure. Click OK and continue.

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