How To Connect EXTERNAL Microphone On Canon EOS Rebel T6?

does the canon t6 have a mic jack

The easiest way to connect Canon eos rebel t6 with an external microphone

The best way to use an external microphone to attach Canon eos rebel t6

They are nothing but moving pictures, regardless of how good the quality of your video is, without the correct audio.

Yeah, that’s just how critical the sound in a video is.

And if you’re planning to shoot a video with your Canon eos rebel t6, but you’re concerned about the quality of the audio, you’re on the right page.

One of the best cameras to take a video is the Canon Eos Rebel T6. But at times, sound plays an important role, more than the quality of the video. And you will need an external microphone when shooting with a Canon eos rebel t6, to get crisp audio.

And below, we have outlined the steps to attach your Canon eos rebel t6 with an external microphone to support you better.

Step 1:

Switch on your Rebel Canon EOS t6.

Step 2:

Look at the Canon EOS Rebel T6’s left-hand side. You can find a small hole there, which is a port to plug in the jack of your microphone. The outline of the shape of a headphone beside the port can also be found.

Step 3:

Now, take your microphone jack and plug it into the camera port that has been discussed in phase 2.

TIP: Make sure you purchased a 3.55mm (Hey! It’s on Amazon) jack microphone. Otherwise, you’ll need a converter.

Step 4:

Now, pick up your camera and navigate to your camera’s film settings choice. An choice amplifier setting can be found there. On the navigation buttons of your Canon eos rebel t6, navigate to the option and press ok.

The most important element in a good video is sound. It allows the viewer to interact and appreciate its depth with the video. Filmmakers from all over the world have demonstrated over the years that the use of sound and what you can do with it is amazing.

It’s a versatile factor that can be bent and twisted to alter a video’s mood. And that is the key reason why filmmakers are spending so much to shoot a good video in audio gear.

You will be able to convey the exact ambiance of your video with excellent audio.

And your microphone is attached to your camera, and you can instantly start shooting some crisp footage.

But you need to pick a decent microphone to get the desired result as well. But it is becoming difficult to choose the right one from among them with the various options available.

And we have mentioned some of the most important steps you need to take care of when selecting a camera microphone to serve you better.

A user-friendly camera, Canon eos rebel t6. To use the characteristics of Canon eos rebel t6, you do not need to be a virtuoso with cameras. And just like its other features, connecting your camera to an external microphone is a child’s play.

Tips for buying a good microphone

There are primarily two kinds of microphones that are available.

  • ¬†Dynamic microphone, which is the most common microphone, and it is also durable.
  • ¬†Microphone condenser; uses a condenser to refract and compress sound and then sends it in the form of electrical energy that ultimately helps to capture better audio.

Now you need to select the correct microphone based on your criteria for audio quality. You can use a dynamic microphone for simple shots. But you need to spend a few additional bucks on the condenser microphone for improved audio output. But make sure they have a 3.55mm jack, regardless of what you buy.



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