How to Connect a Second Monitor to A Laptop Windows 10?

The Windows 10 laptop can concurrently accommodate two displays, i. A computer for the desktop and an additional display. You may get by with spontaneous activities, such as making presentations or acting as a projector, with external monitors.

Now, there may be occasions when you’re stuck with the issue of how to attach a second display to a Windows 10 laptop. So, if you’ve been through this scenario without any clear solution before, in the same way, the following measures will surely support you.

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Exclusive use of the HDMI port

For transmitting both video and audio streams, an HDMI port is available. You can connect to the external monitor as well as the TV or video projector if you have a laptop with an HDMI slot.

Step 1.

Everything you have to do is search to see whether the HDMI port is on the external monitor or not. Then, due to the setup of the Windows 10 laptop and computer, you will start connecting to the external monitor that you are connecting to.

Step 2.

The physical button labeled as the source would have to be looked for. If you notice that, before the monitors begin to display HDMI as the input source, you have to press it repeatedly.

If you don’t see it, you need to open the monitor’s on-screen window and then switch to the input source detection menu.

Step 3.

Pick the HDMI when you actually reach it.

Step 4.

Configure Windows 10 now to make all view functions run according to your preferences. Using the Windows 10 Project feature, you will achieve this goal. On the keyboard, you can also click the Windows + P key.

Alternatively, open the menu in the Action Center > Extend the Fast Actions > Press the Project button.

Check through the availability of at least one free video port

The laptop must have at least one free video display port for the second monitor in order to attain the target.

Step 1.

You need to make sure the laptop has the capacity to help the display. Windows 10’s settings allow for different screens. Yet, still, not all graphics cards simultaneously support more than one display.

You’ll get a free video output port on the back of the laptop tower while talking about the desktop. Once you can see if another port is already in service, you can use the second display port. You’ll get a video output port for the laptop that will support the second display.

Step 2.

For the second display, you now need to search for the appropriate connection. HDMI or DisplayPort cables are used on modern computers. You’ll see a VGA adapter if you have an older device or display.

Again, you can do it with the aid of a cable if you find a free video output link that will fit the link to the second computer. You have to buy a new extension cable because the device needs a different connection from what you have.

Step 3.

You’ve got to attach the computer to the laptop now. You have to insert one end of the video cord into your laptop’s video output slot for that. Then, tie the other end of the cable to the video input slot of the display.

Step 4.

Now you are expected to turn the display on. Click the power button on the display for that.

Step 5.

Now, on the bottom left corner of the laptop computer, open the start button>>>click on Windows.

Step 6.

Tap on the gear change button at the bottom left of the Start Display. You’ve got to press on the system, then. It will appear in the Settings window as a laptop-shaped button. Now, switch to View on the upper left side of the Display Page>>>Click on the multiple display drop-down column. At the bottom of the list, you will find it.

Step 7

You must pick the view feature now. In most instances, to use the second monitor as an extension of the main display of your desktop, you must press on the icon to expand both monitors. You can also access the other choices, based on your preference and the compatibility of your monitor.

Step 8.

Now you can save the modifications and use the second display according to your ease and choice.


We also listed the simple methods by which you can use your laptop to set up a second display. Follow the measures and keep refreshing this space for some more updates on your favorite smart devices and the latest headlines.

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