August 1, 2020

How to Buy Online Software at Best Price

Because of the amount of accessibility and convenience people nowadays prefer buying anything online. The same is true in the computer software business. A great number of software is offered on various online platforms. The following are just a few of the third party marketplaces listed below:

G2A – This is one of the largest digital products marketplaces in the world. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has offices also in many other countries. It is considered best not only because it provides an easy-to-buy platform but also because it is free.
Kinguin-Buying computer software is one of the most common and safe platforms. The best part is they have 24/7 customer service to solve your problems unlike many other sites.
EBay – eBay also offers computer software, in addition to many other essential goods. From the feedback and reviews, it can be said that you can enjoy a good buy if you spend time reading the product descriptions.

Issues with websites selling software online:

There are various advantages of buying online software, which has made the selling of platforms online extremely popular. After comparing the features and prices, you can instantly download the software. There are also several drawbacks of buying software online, discussed below:

  • When you bought the online computer software and the company gives you the physical product, you will find that it does not fit the detailed description thereof. The usually delivered product is obstructed, faulty, or malfunctioning. Sometimes it even happens that your computer system doesn’t help the drug.
  • The software you get most of the time doesn’t contain the product activation key or password required to run on your systems. It includes fake passwords, or even incomplete ones.
  • The program stops working in the middle if you are lucky enough to get the product codes or passwords or the warrant. It is expiring before the date specified.
  • The Customer Help Center is another significant issue. They withdraw from any help as soon as the product sale is complete. The support staff on any site, such as the chatbox, emails or calls, would not be available.

Most of us were victims of software fraud, and some refuse to buy online software because they fear they might get tricked. Dealarious is a must-try on these scenarios.

Dealarious – Buying online software store

Dealarious Store is the most popular online portal to buy software at great discounts. You can count on that with your eyes closed. Dealarious has gained immense popularity compared to its competitors through their continuous efforts to serve customers with their trustworthy goods. Dealarious is working hard to counter the buyers’ hesitation issues.

Owned by one of Blogsolute Media’s well-known tech networks, Dealarious was launched in 2014 as a trusted website to beat other sites that offer false promises and exploit the customers. Dealarious ‘s founders were very worried about the fraud problem and decided to bring a solution to it. We were trying to help potential customers trust in the genuineness of buying online software. For which, in their way of working and post-sales operation, they incorporated those procedures, thereby making it a leader in the tech sector. Dealarious also has an outstanding Shopper Approved ranking of 4.8/5.

Below are some of the reasons proving how Dealarious is distinct from other websites buying online software.

How special is Dealarious?

The Dealarious team focuses equally on both the pre-sales and the post-sales operation. They provide you with all the relevant information regarding the product with self-tested and reviewed feedback on every product before making the purchase. Unlike websites that concentrate on winning big customers by giving fake discount deals, Dealarious only offers genuine discounts. Some of the brands we could find included were Bitdefender, Avast, Techsmith, Cyberghost, Movavi, IObit, etc.

Excellent support: At any point in the day the Dealarious store has a fantastic support service. The whole team is committed to answering any question that comes from their respective customers. They do not withdraw or reveal unavailability when the customer encounters some problem with the purchased product. They welcome all the queries with maximum support and solution, without any day or time of year being disappointed. While their live support is not active most of the time, their email support is quick and efficient.

New content: You have a wide variety of content here on Dealarious, ranging from the kind of products that are available to explain it. Dealarious has a separate blog section that educates the buyers on the requisite information and details about the product. Often, they provide many coupons and discounts almost all the time. Dealarious has lower product prices as compared with other retailers.

Trustworthy reviews: The team goes through the product details separately, as they use it on their own, which is how they can help you with any potential question about almost any product. Only after the genuineness of the product has been tried and tested will the goods be put up on the website. So, the reviews coming out are good.

Clean refund policy: Dealarious Store provides you with a policy that is distinct, straightforward and easy to refund. Unlike other online platforms where you have to fight to file your petition, wait for feedback, go through numerous channels, and talk for refund help. You can file for a refund quickly. Please note, however, that you have to have evidence of the mistake to get a refund on technical issues. A quick screenshot is quite enough most of the time. Therefore the amount will be credited to your account within a few hours after it is accepted. Besides this, Dealarious often assumes responsibility if the goods stop operating before the expiry date. To offset any inconvenience, they cancel the subscription to the product and give you more time to use the product.


In short, Dealarious Store is a great find for those who want to save the most on-line purchases of apps. If you are in doubt, you can use PayPal as the payment method, because of the too good to be true rates. 2Checkout, which is a reputed payment processor, will manage the payments.

The only downside is the limited amount of products that they have. When we contacted Dealarious support, they informed us they were cautious with the selection of the product.

Hence, we had an outstanding overall Dealarious buying experience.

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