How to activate Windows 10 game mode?

Most gaming freaks these days are making the best use of the game mode on Windows 10 to further boost their overall gaming experience on Windows 10. In doing so, they will use the available Windows 10 add-on features and specifications to get the most out of their gaming sessions.

During a gameplay session, the players must turn it ON to use the game mode. In Windows 10, the game mode feature uses current device tools and add-ons to improve the user’s gaming experience.

Purpose of Windows 10 Game Mode:

The game mode allows to run in a simpler pattern for the play. Besides that, it also helps the user to get along without any unwelcome interruptions in their gaming sessions.

The game mode is the all-new Windows 10 feature developed by the developers to improve the system’s resources. It also increases the consistency of the games while restricting the activities in the background.

Activate game mode by following these steps:

Step 1.

Open the Start menu. Do so by clicking the Windows icon that is available at the bottom left of the Desktop. You can also open the Game Bar by pressing the Windows icon key and the G key simultaneously.

Step 2.

Once the Game Bar opens, you will see a series of seven icons. These icons control a variety of features.  For the Game Mode icon, you have to go to the gear icon. It will open the Settings menu.

Step 3.

How to activate Windows 10 game modeHow to activate Windows 10 game mode
Now click the Gaming button available under Windows Settings.

Step 4.

The Gaming window will open. You have to click Game mode to enable the Game Mode feature.

Step 5.

“Switch to the button labelled “On”. It is available under the Use game mode option. You have to press on the Configuration gear to ensure that the game mode is on even for your next gaming session. Tap to check the box called “Use Game Mode for This Game” as it opens.


Select X, which will close the browser.

In fact, there is yet another way to allow Game Mode in the games you play. In order to learn more, read on.

Once you obey the above steps, the game mode will automatically be activated for all games you play on a Windows 10 PC.

The operating system struggles to understand the game you are playing in some situations. Typically this arises when you play with the old names. The ease of listing games that are supported by the game mode is not given by Microsoft.

You should manually adjust the configuration of Windows 10 to switch on the game mode for any specific game. By noting that the program in which you are is a game itself, you will do this.

You need to open the game as it is running on the machine to do so, and then open the game bar to start the game. Do so by clicking the Windows + G keys on the keyboard at the same time. This was the keyboard shortcut on the game bar for setting the game bar.

Now press the configuration button or select it. It’s going to look like a gear and you can find it right in the game’s top-right corner.

The following photographs will show you how the settings phases in Tom Clancy’s Division 2 games look like. As it’s a relatively young game, we took it as an example.

How to activate Windows 10 game modeHow to activate Windows 10 game mode
Here you can see it for the Warlords Battlecry 2. This is a relatively old game.
How to activate Windows 10 game mode

How to enable the game mode for Windows 10
You only have to use the General tab, regardless of recent or older titles, and check the setting “Remember this is a game.”

Get rid of the Game Bar Overlay now. By clicking anywhere outside the browser, you can do so. The other way around is to click Windows + G again.


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