How to Access iMessage Online

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If for some reason you would like to use iMessage online, then this article is for you. Most users search online for the best way to access their iMessage messages. But let me just tell you a couple of ways that actually work. So here we are with this post, where we mentioned the four different methods of receiving and sending iMessage on-line. It’s up to you whether you want to apply Free or Pay methods. Let’s learn online how to use iMessage.

How to Online access iMessage 2020

There are several ways of accessing iMessage online, but most of them are costing your money. We have mentioned the two easiest ways to get free online access to iMessage. You can read them, and follow the online instructions for accessing and receiving iMessages. You can proceed to the next section of the article if you want to try any paid methods, where we have described the paid methods for opening and using iMessage online.

Method 1: By logging in to Mac (FREE) for iMessage

You can then submit and receive your iMessages online on your Mac using this tool. What you need is a Macbook or iMac that helps you to sync your iMessage data on.

  • Firstly, open your Mac’s Messages Program.
  • Then go to Preferences. Now, click the top bar on the iMessage page.
  • And in the iCloud alternative, tick the Trigger Messages.
  • Now it’ll synchronize your messages between your iOS and Mac.
  • And then pick the number you want to use and your email address.

Method 2: Remote Desktop with Chrome (FREE)

You will be able to access iMessage on your PC or Laptop online using this form. In this process, we will use Chrome Remote Desktop to access iMessage for Free online.

  • Install the Chrome Remote Desktop to your PC and Mac first. It will run App as well as Extension.
  • Go to the Remote Desktop Extension on your Computer, and get the protected connection access code.
  • Now choose Remote Link via Extension on your Computer.
  • And then enter the access code, and follow the instructions on the screen to set up the connection.
  • You’ll then get a popup screen on Mac from where you can monitor, receive, and send messages from your Computer online.

Enable iMessage Online using payable methods

Method 1: An iOS device with Jailbroken

  • Install Cydia to your computer, first.
  • When downloaded, then install Cydia ‘s Remote Messages App. Remote Messages is an App that pays off.
  • After the Remote Messages app has been installed, open it and proceed to the Settings. And enter any password and user name. Make sure you have allowed password protection settings for authentication.
  • Now, open your online computer with iMessage. And remember that your iOS device has an IP address.
  • After that, open your browser and enter in the URL afterwards the IP address with.333. Your IP address, for example, is 123 123 123; you then enter 123 123 123.333.
  • Now, a login page is starting. Type the same username and password you built in your Remote Messages package.

Method 2: Backup via iCloud

You can also access your iMessage messages online through the iCloud Backup recovery. For the same there are so many Free and Paid software available. But note that this method will only help online viewing or reading of iMessage messages. You can search for the restore iCloud Backup software on the Internet.


This is how you get easy online access to iMessage. You can receive, read, and send messages online using iMessage. You can submit free as well as paid methods according to your preference as we have mentioned four methods above. You just need to carefully follow the instructions given and you can use your iMessage online to receive and send messages. So, that’s it for this article; I hope that’s going to help. Finally, Thanks for reading this article.

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