How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

This is probably the first thing when getting a gaming laptop that stimulates your mind. These laptops are very pricey, which makes hardcore gamers think twice before making such an investment, than the regular office ones.

The console and allied heavy gaming machines belong to today’s century. Still, in all of this, in recent years, gaming laptops have gained ample popularity.

Gaming laptops offer a dazzling performance without disrupting software or hardware for the first 5-6 years. But, finally, you feel sluggishness and decreased performance, and then the laptop completely goes out of order.

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last, Actually? Can the hardware keep up with the new games?

It is realistic to expect a lifetime of 5-6 years for a gaming laptop, and it can only be done with proper maintenance & use.

Well, the manufacturer, the budget, the standard of construction and the material also play an important role in the lifetime of the laptop. When compared to the advertised ones, a cheaper laptop will definitely not last that long.

In order to achieve improved performance with an expanded lifetime, most gaming enthusiasts go for higher budget laptops. Avoiding cheaper laptops with a plastic body or boring machinery is often good.

It will only last for 3-4 years for standard laptops with low overall build quality. You would even have to go between these individual years for routine repairs and maintenance.

Add Years to Your Laptop’s Life- The Tips

Spending time and money is actually worth it when looking for the right gaming rig for you. Spending time at first would ultimately benefit, from scrutinizing the overall build quality to internal parts.

As reported, the average lifespan of gaming laptops hardly exceeds 4-5 years. But it’s not that difficult to add some more years to his life. To make your investment last longer, you just need to remember a couple of useful tips.

So, let’s explore the tricks, without further ado, to add more years to the life of your laptop.

Routinely Maintenance

gaming laptop high pressure air dusterIf you regularly clean up the fan, your gaming laptop can last longer.
First of all, for gaming laptops, routine maintenance and cleaning is an absolute must. To prevent certain damage, the pros suggest regularly cleaning the ports, fans, internal components, and other parts. Overheating is one of the most critical problems with gaming laptops. The issue arises when the gaming platform is used for long hours. Due to overheating or dust accumulation, daily cleanup and repair will help prevent damage to the main components. The most critical aspect of hygiene for gaming laptops is to keep the fan free of dust. You may not be able to see it with the naked eye, but there will be some dust and dirt trapped on your laptop’s fan if you are using your laptop for more than 3 months (or even less if you are a daily gamer). If you use an electric high pressure air duster regularly (Hey! It’s on Amazon), you can keep your laptop clean, cool and quick.

1. Careful Handling

Of course, to keep it secure, the physical safety of the machinery is extremely important. Careful handling is a must to prevent physical harm, whether it is shipped or stored in a safe location.

Laptops are responsive, and it is possible to predict internal damage to the motherboard. To prevent trouble, it’s easier to treat such parts carefully.

2. Battery & Power Maintenance

When you go for gaming laptops, the battery life probably needs to be sacrificed. Just a few gaming laptops, and not more than 6-8 hours, offer better battery life.

To get the most out of the investment, one needs to follow the recommended charging habit. Ensure that the battery is not continuously attached to electricity. Also, when the Low Battery popup warning appears, do not drain the battery full, and plug-in the charger only.

3. Timely Update the System

There is a need for daily updates to keep malicious files out of the system. Updating windows in a timely manner with recommended applications and Windows updates.

The chief component of gaming laptops is the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). The productivity busters in these gaming rigs are these GPU devices.

You can always find the GPU device used for optimal efficiency when looking for a laptop. If the performance is poor, these must be upgraded. But, without difficulty, these units quickly pass the 4-5 year mark.

4. Choose RAM Wisely

When making the deal, RAM or Random Access Memory also has to be tested. Going for the top RAM available is a wise choice to play without feeling sluggishness in your favorite games.

For in-demand, heavy games these days, 8 GB or higher RAM is recommended. If your laptop only has 4GB or less of memory, you need to upgrade to higher RAM.

Bear in mind a few other basic tips:

  • Each time, shut down the laptop properly
  • To prevent any harm, physical protection is necessary.
  • Pack your laptop and accessories comfortably in the laptop bag provided.
  • Never miss downloading antivirus systems
  • When not in use, always cover your notebook

Most Trusted Gaming Laptops to Invest in Right Now!

You’re a gaming enthusiast? If so, the long-lasting gaming laptop list below might help make your investment worthwhile.

Some of the reliable laptops that provide awesome gaming experiences are:

Gaming Laptops Comparison Table

Laptop GPU Storage Offered CPU RAM Display Price
Dell Alienware Area 51M NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 2*256GB SSD + 1 TB SSHD 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K 32 GB DDR4 17.3 inch
Check Price
ROG Mothership GZ700 by ASUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 1.5 TB SSD
(3*512GB Raid 0)
Intel Core i9-9980HK 64 GB DDR4 17.3 inch
144Hz with NVIDIA G-Sync
Check Price
Acer Predator Triton 500 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 with Max-Q Design Tech 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD Intel Core i7-9750H 32 GB DDR4 15.6 inch IPS Full HD 144Hz with NVIDIA G-Sync Check Price
Dell G3 15 3579 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with Max Q Design Tech 256 GB SSD Intel Core i5-8300H 8 GB DDR4 15.6 inch
Anti glare Display
Check Price
Alienware New M 17 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 1TB (2X 512GB PCIe M. 2 SSD) Raid 0 Intel 9th Gen. i7-9750H 16 GB DDR4 17.3 inch 144Hz Check Price

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