Top 5 Help Desk Metrics

Agent Satisfaction

One of the most important metrics for help desk agents is agent satisfaction. This is the percentage of agents who are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs. This is an important factor that drives customer satisfaction as well as agent turnover. This metric must be continuously measured and tracked.

FLR-First Level Resolution Rate

FLR (First Level Resolution Rate) is a measure of a help desk’s ability to resolve tickets at Level 1. It does not have to be escalated to Level 2 or 3. This is a cost metric that impacts the total cost of ownership for end-user support. It is much faster and cheaper to resolve a ticket at Level 1, and it will be resolved quickly.

FCR- First Contact Resolution Rate

FCR is the percentage of customer contact that the help desk has resolved within the first interaction. This is directly linked to customer satisfaction and hence is a key metric.

Agent Utilization

Any help desk should consider agent utilization as a key metric. To keep costs under control, help desks must have complete control over agent utilization. It is important to remember that excessive agent utilization can lead to burnout, high turnover, and low morale at the helpdesk.

Contact Cost

This is vital for any help desk because it shows how efficiently the business was run. It is always recommended to track the cost per contact every month.

Service Desk Key Performance Factors must be realistically and carefully selected. To improve Service Desk functionality, efficiency, effectiveness, maturity must all be evaluated.

It can be challenging to measure IT or service desk metrics because there is no standard framework that will help you do it. It takes time to analyze and gather the data, so it is important to do it correctly the first time. ITarian wants to ensure your performance is optimal. We have developed a method for measuring this process, which includes:

ITarian wants to make sure that your service desk technician receives the support and help they need. Although it is not an easy task to solve all computer problems, a reliable system can make the job easier. Our product:

  • Top-Down Approach
  • Make a Hierarchy
  • Forge a group

You can align IT activity with company requirements and demonstrate value to the business by measuring IT performance and the support desk software. IT departments must be aware that the wrong metrics can lead to a reduction in budget or job cuts.

Top-Down Approach

Keep in mind that your idea of performance might not match the companies. Talk to the business leaders to get the information you need. You’ll then be able to create a list with key performance indicators (KPIs), which will help you decide what you need.


We believe that it’s best to explain what you use, how you use it, and the benefits you can offer them. Our service desk product won’t hurt their bottom line. Companies are always concerned about the bottom line. Our product is completely free. This means you can efficiently organize your ticketing system and get customers the help they require faster. Customers will be happy if you use our product to improve their performance. Happy customers equal more business and higher revenue.

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