May 29, 2019

Hackers stole user information from flipboard

The hacker extent is unknown, but for nearly nine months flipboards said hackers have been using their systems.

FlipBoard, a mobile news aggregator service, today began to report a security incident during which hackers had more than nine months of access to internal systems.

Flipboard said hackers had accessed the company’s databases in a series of emails from which the company sent to affected users.

These databases, such as the usernames of flipboards, the hyphenated passwords and in some situations, emails or digital tocens that connected the flip board profiles to third-party account accounts have been stored by Flipboards.


The good news is that most passwords were hacked with a strong bcrypt, now deemed to be very tough to crack password algorithm.

The company said that certain passwords have been hashed by the weaker SHA-1, but not many.

When you’ve created or changed your password after March 14,2012, it’s hazardous with the encrypt function. If you haven’t changed your password since then, it’s unique to SHA-1’s,’ said Flipboard.

Not everyone has access to the flipboard, but it has been said not all the flipboard accounts have affected it. The number of accounts to which hackers have access is accurate.

“We are still determining the total number,” said the company. In its e-mail, Flipboard said that it now resets all customer passwords, whether they have affected users or not, from an abundance of care. “We know that not all accounts have been compromised.”

The company has also already substituted all the digital toks used by customers to connect Flipboard to third party services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Samsung.

“We found no evidence of the non-authorized access to your flipboard accounts from third-party accounts,” said the company.


But the breach seems to be quite extensive, for the IT staff at least in spite of some good news for users.

Flipboard says that hackers have been able to access their internal systems for nearly nine months, from 2 June 2018 until 23 March 2019 for the first time, and then from 21 April to 22 April 2019, for a second time.

On April 22nd, the company reported the violation, while investigating a suspicious activity on its database network, the day after that second intrusion.

Flipboard said the security violation was notified by law enforcement.

A link to the official Flipboard Security notice was updated on 27 May, 8:45 p.m. ET after publishing this article.

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