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Best GIMP Plugins

GIMP is one of the best services for editing pictures online, but you can’t use its sophisticated functionality without GIMP plugins. Typically, these plugins are written in Python and you can instal them all in a couple of seconds. But before you start installing them, make sure you have downloaded GIMP Python support on your computer. So, let ‘s start finding the best GIMP plugins and GIMP add-ons that you can use for free, without wasting any more time.

Best and Free GIMP Plugins


Do you have to edit multiple images, but don’t you have enough time to do that? If so, then BIMP is your remedy. It helps you to add several images to GIMP using the quick and efficient functionality of GIMP plugins, which you can either edit once or one by one.

Using BIMP, you can crop, scale, rotate, rename and correct the images. Aside from that, it also allows you to add watermarks to your images. Another interesting feature is that before saving them, you can view your images on the sidebar.


In 2020, Beautify is another awesome GIMP plugin that allows you the opportunity to apply many effects to your videos. You can convert the GIMP app into a photo-retouching studio with the assistance of Beautify. It has a gui that is very simple and tidy, making it much simpler to use.

The best part is that, using this software, you can convert your images completely. You can apply awesome philtres to your images and make them look different than they look before applying philtres. It has a large list of effects and philtres to add to your pictures.

Layer Via Copy / Cut

One of the best GIMP plugins is Layer Via Copy / Cut, which adds some Photoshop features to your GIMP. It allows certain different parts of an image to be sliced and edited. Aside from that, using this GIMP plugin, you can also create new layers.

Apart from that, you can add various philtres to different layers, allowing you to edit certain parts of a particular image. If this plugin is mounted, you can start accessing it from the Layers menu found in the upper-left corner.


LensFun is another incredible window for GIMP plugins that gives you the ability to fix your pictures’ lens distortion. It senses and reads the Exif data of your image and then it helps you to rebuild the lens distortion of your images.

The interface is very simple, clean and simple to use, so that even a casual user can use it without any problems. Once you have installed this plugin, then you can start accessing it from the Filters option located at the top corner.


Have you clicked on a wonderful picture, but it seems to be blurry? If so, then Refocus could be a solution to this issue. You will correct all the errors and blurs that have happened when capturing a specific picture with the aid of Refocus.

The best part is that it has a preview feature which allows you to take a look at the photos before finally saving the changes.


Hugin is one of the best free GIMP plugins that can be used to link several images together. This instrument works much easier than the tools available on the market. All you have to do is simply load your pictures, specify some points and leave the rest on the app.

The great thing about this instrument is that it organises the mismatching angles and exposures automatically. You can import and use it like on your Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Liquid Rescale

Another outstanding plugin that can be used to rotate images is Liquid Rescale. It also helps you to delete pieces from every picture or cut them. The great thing about this plugin is its display window that can be used in real time to tweak the parameters when displaying the updates.

If you have pictures that you need to resize, then to do so, you must use this app. When you have this, the Layers menu helps you find the Liquid Rescale.


The Resynthesizer is a perfect GIMP plugin that must be on your device for every GIMP user. The Resynthesizer allows us to extract objects from images and relies on textures to function.

This GIMP plugin is equivalent to the Content-aware fill tool from Photoshop. If you’re familiar with that tool, then using this GIMP plugin will be easier for you.

Contrast Fix

If you have any pictures that you are able to adjust the contrast with, then this is a method that you must have. If you want to change the contrast of the images saved on your computer, Contrast Fix is the optimal solution.

This platform works far more efficiently than most related software. All you have to do is just select, upload your images and use the contrast bar to adjust the contrast.


Content theft has become one of the most common issues faced by content creators. Because of this, securing our material before anyone steals it and posts it on his website becomes a major challenge.

If you want your web content to be safe, you can use the tool to apply watermarks to your photos. The photographs that you post online will still be covered by this app.

Ultimate Words

It’s that! There are 2020’s best GIMP plugins that you can use to get some sophisticated GIMP functionality. I hope this post will help you find things clearer and easier for your editing job than before.

Then share it with your mates if you liked this post and let them know about these awesome GIMP plugins. Also, if you have used any other useful GIMP plug-in, let me know in the following comment section.


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