We are going to hear about the five fast ways to gain free credit for Google Play today. If you’re a fan of Android phones, then I’m sure you use a lot of games. The best place to download apps is the Google Play Store, and all Play-store apps are absolutely free. It is the only spot where any app or games can be downloaded.

But because each app on the play store is not available for free, you may need to pay some money to download your favourite games or applications. What if I tell you, by earning free Google Play Balance, you can download paid apps? Yeah, with Google Opinion Rewards and certain other games, you can win free Google Play rewards.

Benefits of Google Play Credit:

  • If you have a Google Play-store balance in your account, you don’t have to add your card balance every time you buy an app.
  • You can make transfers quicker more quickly with the credits.
  • The Google Play balance is secure to manage for a long period of time. So, if you are a daily downloader of paying software, you do not need to fear.

So, let’s immerse ourselves in the main material. The 5 best ways to earn free Google Play credits are below.

How to Get Google Play Balance for Free in India?

Juno Wallet

In India and other regions, JunoWallet provides free Google Play loans. For playing games, viewing films, completing surveys and much more, it offers free gift cards. JunoWallet also offers Amazon, eBay, iTunes and a number of other retailers with free gift cards and rewards.

  • Please download JunoWallet and instal it on your computer.
  • For an account, sign up.
  • Today, by completing activities such as installing software, viewing videos and others, you can receive free gift cards and incentives.
  • After finding some equilibrium, you can go to the shop and get your rewards.


In order to receive free Google Play credit, Amazon, iTunes, and others, AppNana is the most popular alternative to Google opinion incentives. You can use AppNana to trial games for free and receive a free Google Play balance. You must download and use software. Then you can receive store credits for free play in India and other countries.

  • Download AppNana from the connection below and update it.
  • To win free prizes, open and download applications from it.
  • Points can be received and then exchanged for gift cards.

Free My Apps

In India and other nations, FreeMyApps is also a fantastic app to receive free Google Play credit. It is close to AppNana and provides free gift cards for new applications to be downloaded and used. You will receive free gift cards for Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and a number of other stores with FreeMyApps. You can use the balance for free gift cards from Google Play.

  • Download my applications from the play store for free, first of all.
  • Download and play games from it, then.
  • You can earn free credits each time you play a new game.

Cubic Reward

Another app that lets you win free gift cards is Cubic Incentive. You must import the software from it and use them. The best applications and games can be downloaded from Cubic Award. You will buy paying applications from the play store with the credits won. On iTunes, Amazon, etc, you can even redeem gift cards.

  • Play Store to download and instal the Cubic Incentive software. The relation is given below:
  • Open the window to download the applications that you like and the games.
  • Then you have to use these applications to achieve the balance of free Google play.
  • By referencing it to your peers, you can even win gift cards.
  • The Cubic Award also offers bonus points for everyday use.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Awards is an app, or we might claim an official app in India and other countries to receive free Google Play store credits. So, it’s the perfect way to win free play balance in the shop. Free polls are sent out through Google Opinion Prizes once a week. By completing them, you can gain up to $1 or higher in play store credits.

Steps to Win Google Opinion Prizes Free Play Store Balance.

  • Download Google Opinion Incentives first, by clicking on the link below.
  • Open the software upon launch. Now, you’re going to see the app introduction. Only click on Skip.
  • Google Opinion Awards will query you for those information. Only fill in all the detail, it will help to receive
  • you-related surveys.You will get a message if a survey arrives for you.
  • You can still see it on the dashboard of Google Opinion Incentives. Simply address the surveys. You’ll then be granted credits from the Google Play Store.

Ultimate Words

So you can easily receive Google Play credits for free with the details in this post. There are five different ways to balance the store in the match. The five above were shared, including the measures to use them.