We’ll learn today how to repair Sims 3 Error Code 12 that’s normally triggered by playing Sims 3. This error code 12 shows that you have insufficient memory to save the game so you can’t save your game details. Continue reading and look at the steps to correct this error while you play Sims 3.
Sims 3 Error Code 12 Symptoms

Character or textures of the game will start to load incorrectly.

  • You will loose the file you have saved before. You may also stop saving your game file before your game is restarted.
  • By creating your sim mode or changing your family, your game can take too long to load or fail during loading.
  • Your game can stop or redirect you to your desktop suddenly.
  • Your machine will unexpectedly stop running and then restart your device.
  • Your game wall email id or password can be desync.
  • You can be prevented by logging into the game even if the right combination is entered.
  • You can also cope with your saved files corruption.

If you don’t worry about losing your saved data, all of these issues can be resolved easily after restarting your game. Since these issues are temporary, you don’t have to be very nervous. But if you’re very upset by these issues, then let me tell you that Error Code 12 in Sims 3 can be solved permanently with some simple solutions.

On November 19, 2009, the company released one patch to eliminate this form of error from the game. You can quickly repair the Sims 3 Error Code 12 after downloading the patch for The Sims 3 Dogs, but you can replicate the error if you play The Sims 2 Showtime.

Sims 3 Error Code 12?

Sims 3 Error Code 12 usually happens when the user has no memory to save the game correctly.

You will see this error if you try a lot to create a Sim mode that includes various equipment and plans.

Error Code 12 in Sims 3 is triggered by too much RAM load and then by too little room in game files.

How can Sims 3 Error Code 12 be avoided?

After carefully reading the above signs of this error code 12 you already know what to do to stop this error code 12. You just have to note that your machine has enough room to save your game files. I suggest that you particularly store your data at night when all sims sleep or you may even want to save your data before you pursue some kind of adventure.

Finally, you should not run a program behind this game because it will consume your RAM. Make sure you also close all forms of unwanted programs on your device such as music players or web browsers. You can also aim to eliminate behavior such as pressing the windows key or switching to your works manager because this affects the processing of your computer.

Sims 3 Error Code 12 Fixed

Sims 3 Error Code 12 happens unexpectedly as you attempt to save your data and you may not be able to restart the game entirely. You can unload some loaded details and fix your RAM problems in this way.

You can also change your game to active families and then try to save your file. If your file is not saved correctly, you can also attempt to save your data by attempting “Save As and having a new name for your file. In the end this should solve Sims 3 Error Code 12 for you

But these are the ways you can quickly save your files. Hope, you enjoyed reading this post. If you have questions after you read this post, please share your questions by leaving your comment below. At last don’t forget to speak to your friends about this post.

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