So have you taken advantage of the free Windows 10 update for Windows 8.1 and 7 users? Well done, there are also errors and glitches in all new Windows 10 that Microsoft will be working hard to correct, but one of the famous errors that most new Windows 10 users receive is Error code 0xC004C003. It is an activation error that means that the server has found that the keys are invalid or that the keys are blocked.

Users that update directly from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 do not face such a bug. But this activation bug will be revealed to those that have Windows 10 Fresh enabled. I’ll try to help you patch this 0xC004C003 activation bug in Windows 10.

Reasons of Error code 0xC004C003

No surprise that Windows Servers are overwhelmed, and this could be the reason why you see this mistake. The response to this is to play the waiting game and you’ll automatically see that your windows are triggered one fine day. So if you upgraded to Windows 10 and didn’t update it cleanly, that could be the explanation.

You see this 0xC004C003 error when you have Windows 10 Fresh Installed. This resulted in removing everything including the Product key, that your previous version had. Let’s see how to solve this issue now.

Fixing Error code 0xC004C003

Error code 0xC004C003

If you have Fresh Installed Windows 10, Meaning Not Upgrading to windows 10 from your Windows 8.1 or 7 then you might not be able to Revert back to your Previous Windows from Win10.

Method 1: Reset your PC.

It could only help you to fix this dilemma by resetting your PC. This does not always succeed, but it’s worth trying. Take the measures listed below.

Step 1: Press the Start button and go to the Configuration section.

Step 2: Click on Protection and Download.

Step 3: You can now go through Recovery on the left panel.

Step 4: This PC option will be reset, so press Get Started.

Step 5: Lie back and wait until it’s all done and see if the 0xC004C003 mistake is resolved.

Note: Please understand that you will lose all the folders/files from the drive where you installed Windows 10. Make sure that you back up all of your critical files before executing the steps above to address code 0xC004C003 Blocked product key in Windows 10

Method 2: Windows 7/8 update and then Update version.

In this case, there are not many options you should do, but you can still reinstall Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 and use the Free Update Feature to get rid of the blocked 0xC004C003 Product Key mistake.

You should now attempt a clean instal without errors after you have upgraded to Windows 10. Obey the steps below.

Step 1: Insert the Windows Installation CD/DVD containing the Product Key that you have.

Step 2: Use the DVD to boot your PC by modifying the BIOS boot priority.

Step 3: Go through all the measures required to update Fresh on Windows 7 or 8/8.1.

Step 4: Make sure that the version of Windows you recently updated is allowed. Now if you wish to upgrade to Windows 10, uninstall all the upgrades that are available so that you can see the Windows 10 message in the tray.

Step 5: If the notification is not available, you might want to download the Microsoft Windows Media Development App.

Step 6: Run the tool now and use this PC update option to download Windows 10 and then ask you for a few items without any problems before downloading it.

Step 7: You must now have Windows 10 and your copy should be activated without activation errors such as 0xC004C003 once the installation is full.

You can now if you like, cleanly update Windows 10 with a USB flash drive. Skip this time if you have asked for keys when installing Windows 10 Clean. Don’t enter the keys on Windows 7/8/8.1.

We have several ways to fix errors much of the time, but we actually know only two ways to solve this 0xC004C003 Activation challenge error code. As soon as we find more ways to get rid of it we will update this article.

If you have any other ways to fix this mistake, particularly on Windows 10, feel free to let us know.

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