Facebook Page Merge Trick –

How do I merge two Facebook Pages?

Basic Assumptions

The following must be true if you plan to merge Facebook pages:

  1. The administrator of the two pages
  2. These web pages share similar titles, which signify Identical Small Businesses.
  3. Websites are located in the same physical place.

You will not be able to combine web pages if at least one of these items is incorrect. Be sure to verify that the items are correct before you attempt to change them.

What happens?

A brief note is required to explain what happens when you combine the webpage.

These things will be merged into the new webpage page:

  1. Your webpages are loved by Men and Women
  2. Any check-ins

These things will not be available on the new merged website.

  • Articles
  • Pictures
  • Review
  • Ratings
  • Username

Except for the addition of webpage enjoys, check-ins to the merged webpage, the Page will remain essentially unchanged. Facebook will remove the merged webpage.

This is something that you must do before you start. The mix cannot be reversed.

To merge your pages:

  1. Proceed into facebook.com/pages/merge.
  2. Click Continue to select two pages you wish to combine, then click Continue.
  3. Click on Request Merge.

Your Pages cannot be combined. This usually means that your Pages are not eligible to be merged. We will look into your petition if you decide to request to unify your Pages.

Your Pages can be combined to make it more popular. However, articles, photos, reviews, evaluations, and the webpage itself will all be lost in the Page you combine. While the Page you wish to keep will likely remain the same, it will be available for those who like the page or check-ins that have been merged into another Page. You will lose the ability to merge Pages that you don’t need.

Notice: If your Pages are around the Company Manager, you can visit business.facebook.com/pages/merge to unite them.

Facebook’s Merging of Pages – What Does Facebook Not Tell You?

Based on Facebook, you can combine replicate Pages that you handle. This option is only available for Pages with identical names and that signify the same item. You can combine the Page with less enjoys with the Page with more enjoys.

I’ve worked with several local Myrtle Beach companies that wanted to combine duplicate pages. Let’s first look at why people end up with duplicate pages. Two main reasons people make duplicate pages are:

1) An organization owner or worker initially created their FB profiles as an individual profile, but they have been using them for the company. Facebook prohibits this. (Read the terms of service here) I have assisted at least five companies to convert their private profiles into web pages in the past year. Most account holders realized their mistake and created a webpage. This inadvertently generated duplicate pages.

2) Small business owners in regional areas who have a physical location don’t create a Facebook page for their company. They can find multiple Facebook pages made by client’s check-ins. My customer had six pages before she created her own Page. Each checkup page required a different spelling and some pages had many check-ins.

Now that you have a Facebook page, what do you do?

Also, see: Windows 11 no longer allows you to use the old Windows 10 Start Menu

Facebook guides how to merge duplicate pages. These include where to find your merge work in your admin panel. However, it is often not as simple as you think. Here are some additional tips for merging pages. I wish I had this record when I first started.

  1. Start with a strategy. Find out how many websites have been created for your industry. You can do this by using a Facebook search. (Hint: Sometimes, the hunt on FB Mobile may show an extra page that is not on the tabletop. Double the hunt is recommended. Note the number of check-ins and enjoyments you have done for each webpage. They will assess each area of each webpage one at a time.
  2. Consolidate the pages in your area. These pages are often lacking in content, if any, and can be a pain to manage. These pages can be merged into one page to improve the merging process. There is no worry about material being dropped if there is none.
  3. Start updating duplicate pages as admin. Copy all public information (email addresses and site) to prepare for the merge. However, the logo image should be retained slightly differently. This makes it easy to understand the Page you are working on. I have learned this from working with four customers with duplicate pages.
  4. Before you merge, ensure that all information and classes are identical. Let’s say one person is listed as a local company, while the other is listed as a consulting firm. Even though they may have the same title, the merger won’t take place.

These little details were helpful for my customers as we were blending.

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