Facebook Orca Has Stopped

Facebook Orca Has Stopped

Facebook Orca Has Stopped – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

We are glad to have you back at Gossipfunda. Today’s topic is com.facebook.orca. We will be discussing every detail of this, including what it is and its purpose. We will begin to look into how we can recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages from that folder. We will eventually look into how to fix the sudden error in the app manager procedure. You can try again or “com.facebook.orca hasn’t responded”. Please take the time to read this entire ten minute-read about com.facebook.orca.


Although com.facebook.katana may be well-known for you, let’s discuss some details about Facebook first. Facebook, an American social networking site and social network agency, is based in California. Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard friends founded it. Facebook membership was initially restricted to Harvard students. The membership was expanded to include Yale, Stanford, and the Ivy League. Anyone can become a Facebook member if he’s 13 years old. This is subject to change depending on local legislation.

Facebook isn’t something new to you. You could also be a Facebook user. You can retrieve Facebook from any device that has access to the internet. Facebook can be accessed via the mobile app, or possibly a browser. It can also be retrieved from the background computer using the browser (facebook.com), or the Desktop app. You must first create and enroll an account before you can use Facebook. After creating an account, you can create a profile that includes your name, profile picture, and other details. You may discuss private information with Facebook during this process (if you wish to, then you can read their Privacy policy ). Facebook can be used worldwide to share multimedia and stuff, and to link with other profiles and users since “Friends”.

Facebook has been the subject of many controversies. These include privacy breaches and manipulation by the government. It has been reported that many users are dependent and have low self-esteem. There are also hoaxes, fake information, copyright infringement, hate speech, and other content. Despite these, Facebook is still the most popular social networking site. According to polls, Facebook is also the site most popular for social networking advertising.

What is com.facebook.orca exactly?

We have some knowledge about Facebook. Let us get back to the subject. Com.facebook.orca refers to a folder in your Android apparatus that is linked to the Facebook Messenger app. When you open the Facebook Messenger app via the Play Store, this folder will automatically be created. This folder is used by Facebook to store some information files. These files include photos, videos, audio, and cookies as well as plug-ins and cache info. This folder is essential to allow Facebook to work on your device. Now because this folder stores all the information that Facebook wants, it’s clear that it absorbs a whole good deal of Storage. There is nothing you can do to change this since it is impossible to empty the information. Once you open the Messenger app, the information will be restored.

Is com.facebook.orca important?

It’s a virtual folder that allows Facebook Messenger to function. This folder is what Facebook scans when you launch the Messenger app. This folder contains various formats of data files that Facebook stores. This folder cannot be deleted indefinitely, as we have already mentioned. This folder is regenerated when you restart the Facebook Messenger app. It becomes new information to store in. If you use the Facebook Messenger app on your Android device, this folder must perform. This folder will not be used if you use it in the browser on your desktop computer or your smartphone.

It’s possible to recover messages that have been deleted using this folder. Browse together if that’s what you are looking for.

How do I recover deleted Facebook messages from my mobile device?

As we know by now, the com.facebook.orca folder shops info in Facebook Messenger. The information includes the messages, but in encrypted form (to increase safety). This folder can be used to recover messages that have been accidentally or previously deleted. You may need to recover deleted messages in several situations. You may need to recall important information that someone has shared with you, locate old conversations of colleagues to support a decision, or locate evidence messages that were deleted without notice. No matter what your needs, the restoration solution will work for you.

Follow the steps to recover deleted Facebook messages.

  • Visit theFile Explorer app. You can either use your device’s default manager or download a third-party file explorer app. To learn more about File explorer and materials, be sure to proceed through the content com.android.documents.
  • You can proceed to Storage (or SD Card) even if you already have one.
  • Click hereAndroidFolder. Then, AppData.
  • Click on the link to find and clickApplicationsFolder. Tap and locate the folder.com.facebook.orca.
  • You can browse your folder from the folderCacheFolder Lookout forfb_temp. This folder can be duplicated by pressing the “Tap and Hold” button and clicking “Copy Folder”.
  • Anschließend folgen Sie.uninstall the Facebook Messenger app is installed on your device. Install it again from the Play Shop, but do not log in immediately.
  • Follow the same directory, which is Android > Information > apps > com.Facebook.orca Cache Folder. Copy the following:fb_tempCopy the folder to the clipboard and move it to the Cache folder
  • Now you can return to the Messenger app you have installed and logged into your FB account.
  • You now have all deleted messages. Cheers!

How can I recover deleted Facebook messages from my computer?

You can retrieve deleted messages from a notebook if you have one. This is easier because transferring, copying, and deleting files is easier on a computer than it is on a phone (that’s my personal experience). These are the steps you need to follow to recover your Facebook messages that have been deleted.

  • First, connect your Android device to your computer. This can be done using a USB cable. This guide will help you to fix a Computer that Does Not Recognize Your Phone.
  • Once you are connected in Document mode go to “My Computer” and “This PC”.
  • Double-click on your device and then go to Internal Storage. This will allow you to access the documents stored on your phone via the computer.
  • Double-click Android to go to the Data folder.

You might have a different directory (this changes ). Your com.facebook.orca directory is the final destination.

  • Double-click on the folder com.facebook.orca
  • Next, visit the Cache folder and then the fb_temp directory within it. You can copy the document by pressing Ctrl+C (on Windows) and Cmd+C (on Mac).
  • Now, remove the Facebook Messenger app from your smartphone or tablet and install it again in the Play Store. Do not log in to your account immediately.
  • On your computer, go to the same folder on com.Facebook.orca> Cache. It should be empty at the moment. The fb_temp folder should be glued.
  • Finally, open the Messenger app on your smartphone and log in to your Facebook account. You have successfully recovered deleted Facebook messages!

How do I fix “The process of com.facebook.orca stopped?”

This annoying error keeps popping up, preventing you from using the Facebook Messenger app. This error is most likely caused by a bug. Here are some solutions.

  • Tap on Settings to open your device.ApplicationsCheck out the complete listApps installedFind and clickMessenger.
  • Click on “Force stop” to disable the app. Click on OK to accept the warning that “should you drive to discontinue using this app, it might misbehave”.
  • For both Messenger and Facebook, you might click “Clear All Information”. This will delete all information that has been saved to your cache, for instance. This should correct the problem.
  • Try another method.UninstallingThenreinstallingMessenger is the best way to fix this pop-up error.


You now know more about com.facebook.orca and their purpose. It is not spyware nor virus. It is a folder that the Messenger app uses to save all important data. This folder can be used to store previously deleted Facebook messages. This is how you can do it from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Both folder directories work in the same way. You can choose the one you feel most at ease with. We conclude our post by discussing how to fix the error “com.facebook.orca is dead”. Clear the information by force quitting the app. If you are unable to uninstall the app, then try reinstalling it. A factory reset is not necessary in these cases, as there is a 99.99% guarantee that the Messenger app will fix the problem. Cheers.

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