When booting your PC, when operating or after disassembling your PC, there are several Windows errors you can find. The 0xc00000f error is one such error. This error may be found when the PC is running or disassembling.

Before the corresponding error message appears on your computer screen, you will encounter many symptoms. This error will occur after causing an active programme to crash. Your PC will be slow as well and for many moments it is more likely to freeze.

Troubleshooting the 0xc00000f error may be a problem. This is because it can be induced by a variety of problems. Keeping note of when it happens and what software it is correlated with is an important way to detect the cause.

Causes of Error code 0xc00000f in Windows

Windows error code 0xc00000f

Some of the factors that do cause error 0xc00000f include but not limited to;
  1. Incomplete installation of the Windows OS.
  2. Infection by virus/malware that causes corruption of system files.
  3. Corrupt Windows registry, which can happen when you download a third-party program.
  4. Pending Windows updates.
  5. Missing or outdated PC drivers.

The occurrence of error 0xc00000f does not mean that you cannot work on your PC. You can quickly troubleshoot and correct the error using one of the following methods.

How to Fix Error code 0xc00000f Easily

Method 1: Run Disk Cleanup Utility

Many errors, such as error 0xc00000f, will cause a lot of junk on your PC. They take a lot of hard drive space, which can interfere with the smooth running of files on the machine. You can help repair a mistake by clearing up temporary files and directories.
1. Please click on “Start.”

2. Only click on “Run.”

3. In the box, type “cleanmgr” and press ENTER. After the cleaning, the utility will immediately continue to measure the amount of storage space you will reclaim.
The dialogue box for the cleaning appears then. Check all the boxes with the files and directories that you intend to clean up.

4. To clean up selected files, press ‘OK’. To see how wiping up the hard drive corrects the mistake, open the software that you started before the error occurred.

Method 2: Run Full Virus/Malware Scan

One of the main causes of Error 0xc00000f and many other Windows failures is virus/malware infection. They corrupt, hurt, and can uninstall essential machine file configurations.

To fix any virus / malware infection, run a complete virus / malware scan of your PC. To see how wiping up the hard drive corrects the mistake, open the software that you started before the error occurred.

Method 3: Run System File Checker Utility

The built-in system file checker is a key tool that can be used to fix several Windows errors, such as Error 0xc00000f. The utility checks and restores corrupt files to their former operating state.

  • Please click on “Start.”
  • Only click on “Run.”
  • In the box, type “command” and press ENTER.
  • In the corresponding command prompt window, type “sfc/scannow”.

The tool will begin to run automatically. Before opening the programme associated with the mistake, give it time to complete to see whether it is corrected or not.

Method 4: Install Patches pending

Windows error 0xc00000f can also be triggered by a downloaded, but not installed, Windows update. To instal them, check for any other changes. It is also critical that you search any obsolete PC drivers and upgrade them.

Drivers connected with other hardware mounted will still need to be upgraded.

To see how wiping up the hard drive corrects the mistake, open the software that you started before the error occurred.

Method 5: Uninstall and Re-install Associated Program
This procedure can only function if you have defined the software associated with the 0xc00000f error event.

1. To expose the Startup graphic, hover the cursor of the mouse on the bottom-left portion of your PC screen.

2. To open the Startup Menu, right-click on the image.

3. Tap on “Programs and Features.”

4. In the Name column, attempt to find the programme connected with the mistake.

5. Please press the related entry.

6. At the end, click ‘Uninstall/Change’.

7. Complete the procedure by following the instructions on-screen.

To see how wiping up the hard drive corrects the mistake, open the software that you started before the error occurred.

Method 6: Fix BCD

Error 0xc00000f and many other Windows errors are easily triggered by incorrect configuration in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) To fix any problems with the files, use the built-in bootrec.exe tool. You need to provide media for installation.

1. Boot or reset your PC and pick the installation media to boot.

2. Select “System Recovery Options.”

3. Pick “Command Prompt.”

4. Type in the prompt “bootrec.exe” and press ENTER.

The tool will begin to run automatically. A new BCD will be installed, which should hopefully repair the error.

Method 7: Perform System Restore

This would be your only possible alternative to fix the 0xc00000f mistake. This is in the event that the mistake is not rectified from all the methods above. The mistake can be corrected by conducting device repair. It could be impractical to implement a new installation of the OS.

1. Click the “Start.” button and click “Run.”

2. “System Restore”System Restore.

3. Until picking a restore point while your PC was running without any complications, follow all the steps in the resulting wizard.

If the restoration is complete, the PC will restart automatically. The 0xc00000f error should be corrected.

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