Error Code 0x80070057


Hi boys, today I’m going to learn about how you can patch your machine error 0x80070057. But before we move on, we need to talk about some necessary stuff that should always be taken into consideration before confronting these kinds of machine errors.

Various Instances to get Error Code 0x80070057

There are several reasons why this specific error code can be found on your screen. Below, some of them have been mentioned:

  • You may get Error 0x8007005757 when you attempt to backup your files
  • While installing Windows 7 OS, you may encounter error 0x80070057 on your system.
  • System Reserve Partition Damaged.
  • MS Outlook Error 0x80070057 while creating a new profile.
  • Especially on Windows 10, while updating or installing pending updates.

Just a few common instances are listed above when Windows users face this error. As we know them now we’ll move ahead and see how to fix error 0x80070057 separately for all instances.

1. Fixing Error 0x80070057 While Taking Backup

Error code 0x80070057 Windows Backup

While taking backup, the majority of Windows users face error code 0x80070057. So we’ll be on top of this post, too.

You may face this error when trying to backup your files using Windows Default Backup Software. “The process can usually start but stop in the middle in some cases, showing this error message “Internal error occurred: Incorrect parameter: (0x80070057)

To overcome this issue, follow these steps:

Solution #1: Tweaking Registry:

In Windows computers, corrupt registry is evil, it is important to maintain them organised and clean. We recommend that you download and use specialised tools such as RegCure Pro – the best tool to take care of your PC by scanning and fixing current and future errors, which is not recommended to Tweak Registry in your computer by yourself.

Download and instal the Scan for Errors tool and it will automatically scan your PC to find and repair registry errors and other issues such as corrupt system files.

Tweaking Registry files Manually

Step 1. In the Search Programs and Files box, click Start > Type Regedit.exe, and then press ENTER.

Step 2. Locate and then click HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\System on the following registry subkey.
Step 3. Select New from the Edit menu, and then you need to click DWORD Value.

Step 4. Press ENTER and type CopyFileBufferedSynchronousIo.

Step 5. Right-click CopyFileBufferedSynchronousIo, then click Modify now.

Step 6. Type 1 in the Value data box and click OK.

Step 7. Registry Editor Exit.

This Tweaking Registry solution worked for a few, although others said it didn’t work for them, so go to Solution 2 below.

Solution #2: Change the Decimal Symbol Setting

To fix Error Code 0x80070057, simply follow the basic steps below:—

  • Select Start > Control Panel > Options for Date, Time, Language, and Country > Options for Region and Language.
  • Click the Formats tab, then click Additional Setup.
  • In the Symbol Decimal field, form . (dot), and then, twice, press OK.
  • Let the machine restart.

2. Error 0x80070057 While Installing Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Error code 0x80070057 windows installation

The primary explanation behind this error is because for whatever reason, the System Reserved partition (which is around 100mb default partition for BitLocker encryption, Windows Recovery, & related System Files) gets corrupted.

In this case, “Windows Could not Format a Partition on disc 0. The error occurred while preparing the partition Selected for installation. Error code 0x80070057.” would be shown as you attempt to re-install or re-install a new Windows OS. The error occurred when preparing the partition you selected for installation. Error code 0x80070057.

How to solve Error Code 0x80070057 while Installation ?

You need to uninstall the original Windows partition where the previous version of Windows was installed, plus the System Reserved Partition, to correct this error on your PC. Then, format the drive for a simple Windows installation. Take the steps below now:—

  • Insert an installation for Windows DVD & Launch.
  • Select the Custom (Advanced) installation form.
  • Pick Partition 1 of Disk 0 and press Delete.
  • This process will clear reserved machine space. When the dialogue box opens, press OK.
  • Now, pick Partition 2 of Disk 0, and perform the same steps as with Partition 1. of Disk 0.
  • You’ve got some unallocated space now so pick it and construct a new partition.
  • Note: You should be very cautious when making a new” disc.
  • Calculate once as the new disc size is being generated, then press Submit. Once again the dialogue box will appear on your computer, and then press OK.
  • Now select Partition 2 of Disk 0, Format it again.”
  • Now go ahead and continue with your installation of Glass.

You do not get the 0x80070057 error message on your computer this time and you will be able to go through the installation smoothly.

3. How to Fix Windows update Error 0x80070057

This error code can be obtained by Windows users when attempting to instal Windows Awaiting Updates. The message you get is like, “There were some Problems installing updates, But we will try again later. (0x80070057)”

Take the steps below to fix this and go through the Windows upgrade.

a) Delete/Rename SoftwareDistribution folder to fix 0x80070057

The SoftwareDistribution Folder is the folder where all files are stored for upgrades and download. You should easily uninstall this folder much of the time and get rid of errors that occur when installing windows.

  • Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and remove the folder containing all the files.
  • Now the archive itself will be removed.

Only rename it to something like SoftwareDistributionold, if you can’t erase it. Now go to Windows Update and see how this addresses the 0x80070057 Windows update bug.

(b) Disable Firewall/Anti-Virus

You will often block Microsoft servers with your built-in Windows Firewall or Antivirus. Your updates are downloaded and installed from these servers and you can get 0x80070057 error on your screen if they are blocked by your Firewall.

So uninstall the Antivurus software you installed on your device temporarily. Even if you do not have an antivirus like this just disable the Windows Firewall. To disable the firewall, in the Search dialogue, search the firewall and press the answer.

It will open up a new window. From there, switching off the firewall. You will be alerted by a warning alert, but for the time being just ignore it and do it.

Before you Leave:

I assume you may have solved the issue you are facing, so in order to stop these errors in the future, you may want to take better care of your PC to prevent future errors. So, we suggest that you use Complete Machine Treatment frequently to keep your Windows PC error free.

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