The most commonly used browser is Google Chrome. This is due to ease of use, quick scrolling and a lot more features and less Chrome errors. But, “err quic protocol error” is sometimes seen on Google Chrome.

To be more precise, you will be told “The Site Can’t be Reached” if you attempt to access a webpage; may it be youtube or some other. You will find some more detail under it that says “The webpage at *Webpage url here* might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address” Under that, the real “err quic protocol error” error data.

The error page, however, says the url is down or transferred, but it’s far from real. And this mistake has a very simple approach to it. You will be able to enter the same page or site without any trouble after executing the quick fix that we will share in this article.

How to fix err quic protocol error

Fix err_quic_protocol_error

The fix to this error is simpler than you can think, just a few steps and on your chrome browser you will be able to get rid of err quic protocol error issue. Normally, we share more than 2 solutions to any single error encountered by users. Yet we’re sure today that this one solution is going to work like a charm. So, let us see if this can be resolved.

Steps to Fix err quic protocol error

  • In your chrome browser, open a new tab
  • Type “chrome:/flags/” in the Address bar and hit Enter.
  • On the top and some warning text, you will see “Careful, these experiment may bite”. Just disregard it.
  • Hold Ctrl and hit F (Ctrl + F) key on your keyboard for the Find Box to Pop up.
  • Type or Copy paste “Experimental QUIC protocol” in the find box to find what we need.
  • Now, Select Disabled from the Drop Down menu.
  • Close the Chrome tab and restart.

Disable Experimental Quic Protocol.

Now feel free to go to the website that throws err-quic-protocol-error on the computer. It will be gone for good this time around and you will reach every webpage without any problems.

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