Enable Silver Light In Internet Explorer – Before We Get Into The Topic, let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to Install & Enable Silverlight from Internet Explorer

Download Silverlight

Head into www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight

You may be asked by the browser to save or run the setup file (Silverlight.exe). To start the download, click on Run. The browser will prompt you to run the installer after the download has been completed. To start the setup, click on the Run

Install Silverlight

  • Click “Get it now after reviewing the license agreement, and the privacy statement, click “

Enable Silverlight

  1. Use the alt key on your computer keyboard
  2. Click the Tools menu at the Peak of the Browser Window
  3. ChooseManage add-ons
  4. ChooseToolbars and ExtensionsOut ofAdd-on Types
  5. choose Add-on the dropdown menu
  6. ClickMicrosoft Silverlight
  7. If disabled, click allow.

How to Install & Enable Silverlight in Safari

Download Silverlight here

The download manager will start and the file may begin to download. This could take a few minutes.


  1. The dialogue box will tell you that the bundle will run a program that determines whether the computer program is possible to be set up. Click on “Continue“.
  2. Click on “View the Software License Agreement” to go to the end. Continue“.
  3. You can choose the disc where Silverlight will be installed. Click “If you’re unsure, click the “Continue“.
  4. Click “InstallContinue by clicking “Continue”. To set up Silverlight, you may be asked to enter the password or username for your Mac. Click on “Register” to complete the form. OK“.
  5. Silverlight will currently install, it might take a couple of minutes.
  6. You’ve installed Silverlight.


In case Silverlight Isn’t automatically permitted;

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click “SafariSelect ” from the menu bar, and then go to “Preferences“.
  3. Click on the “Security” tab.
  4. Search for Internet plugins and click the “Manage Website SettingsClick the “Button to the Right.”
  5. Click the Silverlight Plug-in about the left.
  6. Find https://streaming.quickflix.com.au from the listing of Sites.
  7. Establish “Always Allow“.

Microsoft Silverlight problems on MAC OS X Mavericks in Safari Browser

How to Install & Enable Silverlight in Firefox

Download Silverlight

Enter thewww.microsoft.com/getsilverlightSave Conserve Silverlight.exe on a hard drive. After the download is complete, click open the setup is complete. The setup begins.

Install Silverlight

You will be asked for safety permissions if you are using Windows Vista. You must approve to proceed.

  • Click “Get it now after reviewing the license agreement, and privacy statement.
  • Once installed you’ll have to restart your browser.

Enabling Silverlight

  1. Click the Tools dropdown menu, choose add-ons. This will launch the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Manager.
  2. ChooseAdd-ons
  3. ChoosePlugins
  4. Find the Silverlight plugin
  5. Click here if it is disabled always Active

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