Accenture Giant Consulting announced Thursday the release of three cyber series aimed at helping industrial firms to execute their cyber attack response plan.

One of the cyber sites in Houston, Texas is the petroleum and gas industry, enabling businesses to simulate and respond to cyber attacks that impact on mining, manufacturing, refining or retail.

The cyber spectrum, specifically Accenture’s Cyber Fusion Center, in Washington D.C., concentrates on the energy sector, including electrical transmission and distribution. The new cyber portfolio is based in Essen, Germany and is primarily designed for energy and chemicals organizations.

According to Accenture, its cyber ranges provide immersive and practical environments that can be very useful for the analysis of vulnerabilities in industrial control system (ICS).

“The energy industry has the world’s largest installed base of industrial control systems, and cyber threat is never greater,” said Luis Luque, ICS ‘ global leader in cyber security at Accenture Security. “The safeguarding and protection of these large and complex industrial systems includes not only the enhancement of processes and resources but also the introduction of security protections for organizational maintenance and resilience programs. With the extension of our ICS cybersecurity capabilities, we will provide the most comprehensive, ICS-customized security solutions that people understand the zero-loss duration that is crucial for our industry.

Accenture also plans to launch an ICS Cyberfusion Center sometime early next year whose goal is to help customers secure their industries. The ICS Cyber Fusion Centre, which incorporates risk analysis and vulnerability evaluation capabilities, will take place in Houston, Texas.

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