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Directory of Cybersecurity VARs & Systems Integrators

Cybersecurity Ventures is working on a specific project to compile a searchable database with Cybersecurity SIs and VARs in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Profiles of SIs and VARs will be made to support cybersecurity vendor certifications, reseller program participation, technology sector expertise, location, and other factors.

The compilation will include a public listing of all SIs and VARs, as well as a password-protected personal version that includes additional information such as key contacts and email addresses.

What VARs Should Know About Cybersecurity

Conversation with Herve Tardy of Eaton

Cybersecurity Security Loc

VAR Insights spoke with Herve Tardy, president and head of Distributed Power Infrastructure at Eaton. They discussed everything about Cybersecurity, from how resellers can realize it to how they can help customers combat cyber threats.

Q: How do VARs inform their customers about Cybersecurity?

Tardy: VARs need to encourage customers to consider how power management is changing with the emergence of IoT, i.e. the emergence of connected devices inside and outside of the info center. Businesses across many industries will see an increase in the interconnectedness between IT operations and IT functions. This includes backup power systems. They pose a serious cybersecurity threat because IoT devices often have a single IP address, which allows them to communicate and exchange data with other systems.

VARs have the skills to provide a complete Cybersecurity solution for customers, even though IoT solutions are still making their way into IT infrastructures. Cybersecurity is essential at every point in a network. Consider this: hackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in a major retailer’s HVAC unit and steal 70 million client account credentials.

Cyberattacks are likely to increase as networks continue to migrate away from their centralized IT infrastructure. The number of server-gateway connections is increasing daily. This means that more devices are connected to networks, creating new targets.

Q: What role can IoT play in power management? How can VARs use it to their advantage?

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Tardy: Organizations can use IoT innovation to gain new capabilities to strategically harness connectivity, data sciences and improve their operations. Businesses can now use network management cards in the power management space to attach uninterruptible electricity grid (UPS), devices, and gain new capabilities. These solutions offer better speed and Cybersecurity and help to improve business continuity. They provide warnings to administrators about pending issues and orderly shut down servers and storage.

Predictive analytics is another area that has seen significant progress in power management. As they gather more data from thousands of backup systems, predictive analytics services are making it easier to make decisions on their own. VARs and their partners can shift the power management model from reactive to proactive, as preventive maintenance plays an important role in power management functions.

Predictive analytics can be used to help IT managers prevent failures from occurring. Predictive analytics uses Big Data, sensors, and algorithms to detect potential problems and notify IT staff and field technicians when the neighborhood requires replacement. These systems provide information about existing power management components to help organizations quickly identify problems and prevent costly repairs or complications.

Q: What can VARs offer their customers to help them mitigate cyber threats?

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Tardy: Because the proliferation of connected smart devices is bringing together more parts of daily operations, VARs need to plan to take part in the IoT and security issues and leverage technology with the most comprehensive Cybersecurity diary. This means that patrons should look for electrical products and solutions that highlight Cybersecurity as key distinguishing factors.

There are many recommendations VARs can share to help their partners protect their network infrastructure. Experts recommend a variety of practical steps to protect against cybersecurity breaches. These include setting up a firewall and encryption, conducting routine security assessments, regularly updating antispyware and antivirus software, using advanced email filtering, and creating robust password policies.

Q: How can I make IoT-enabled devices safe from cyber threats?”

Tardy: Global safety organization UL published a standard for software cybersecurity for network-connectable devices (UL 2900-1) in response to increasing cyber threats. The UL cybersecurity certification assures that merchandise has been carefully reviewed and tested against a trusted benchmark.

The state governments are also taking legislative action to improve Cybersecurity. California, for example, recently passed legislation that made IoT device manufacturers qualified to protect the privacy and security of state residents. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), has also released cybersecurity certifications, to give companies more tools to implement a successful cybersecurity strategy.

This type of independent testing, which is respected by VARs and customers, will continue to be a great way for them and their customers to verify that equipment manufacturers have taken all precautions to minimize risks.

Q: What is the importance of a VAR’s cybersecurity education?

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Tardy: This is vital because there will always be new threats as connectivity expands. When it comes to Cybersecurity, devices like UPSs don’t usually come up. Manufacturers are introducing more connected capabilities such as remote monitoring because IT professionals are more likely to use them.

This is why Eaton began taking steps to strengthen Cybersecurity in power management equipment – launching the Gigabit Network Card, which is that the first UL 2900-1 and IEC 62443-4-2 certified UPS communication card. Eaton’s continued specialization in Cybersecurity means that all of our products meet California’s requirements.

Patrons will see that VARs are educating themselves and showing a commitment to ensuring their products meet the highest standards. This will serve as a signal that patrons understand the risks of the internet and are committed to addressing them.

Q: Is it important that VARs encourage customers to increase their cybersecurity knowledge?

Tardy: VARs have the unique ability to coach and support their customers. Customers are constantly adapting to keep up with changing IT landscapes. Customers cannot afford to pay the high costs and lengthy delays that can be caused by cyberattacks. Customers can avoid being left behind by becoming more knowledgeable about Cybersecurity and incorporating secure products into their design.

As cyber dangers still escalate, companies will seek to figure with VARs, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to Cybersecurity. VARs can be sure to meet their customers’ future and present needs by adopting a security-first strategy and optimizing cyber safety rigors starting at the bottom.

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