Could Your Printer Be a Security Risk to Your Data?


Several businesses have had security breaches over the years, revealing their confidential information to cybercriminals. Some people are unaware that printers were the main targets of the majority of these attacks. Given that even well-known businesses are vulnerable, prioritising printer protection will help you and the chances of being hacked and having your company’s data compromised. Here’s why printer protection is important when it comes to protecting your company.

What Makes Printers Vulnerable Targets?

Because of their seemingly simple features, most of us probably neglect printers. Unfortunately, when developing a security policy, many business owners overlook printers. These people forget that these machines handle a lot of confidential data, making them attractive to hackers. If network printers save previous print jobs on their internal hard drives, they can be even more dangerous. Private data could be used for illegal purposes if access to these devices falls into the wrong hands. Worse, printers with built-in storage keep paper copies even when the printer is switched off. Users can print documents over the network with certain printer models, which is very convenient. In certain instances, you can also set up embedded web servers. Failure to enforce tight protection over your printers, on the other hand, might enable an unauthorised individual to take control.

Printer-Related Breaches Are Increasing

IT professionals are seeing an increase in security attacks on printers, according to HP’s recent results. Approximately 66 percent of these experts say their printers are infected as well. Over the next few years, nearly 75% of CIOs expect that printers will be the target of data breaches. It is fair to assume that companies must now deploy the most up-to-date security software. Keeping this in mind will help to keep your confidential data secure from hackers. HP Security Manager and PaperCut are two of the best places to start if you’re not sure where to begin. Having adequate security can prevent malicious individuals from stealing your information.

Taking Your Security to the Next Level

Back then, printers were used for simple tasks. Employees used them to print papers after loading them with printer ink. Yes, today’s multifunctional printers have several advantages, but they can also be used by hackers for illegal purposes. Companies developed well-thought-out training programmes to educate staff on safe mobile device use after discovering how unsafe mobile devices can be. When using printers these days, using the same level of caution is needed.

When planning the organization’s security strategy, don’t forget to provide sophisticated security features in seemingly innocuous devices like printers. Working with a reputable IT service provider is one of the best things you can do. This choice is perfect for those who want a simple way to protect their properties.

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