Comodo Cwatch – What it is?

HDCP unauthorized Content Disabled

Every cWatch license comes with a different level of protection, monitoring, and content-delivery (CDN) service.

These are the three types of licenses:

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premium

Below is a table listing the features that each type of license can offer:

Feature/Service Premium Pro Basic
Experts can remove malware

Hack repair and restoration

Repair and restoration of vulnerability

Traffic takes over recovery

SEO/Search poisoning Recovery

Unlimitable Unlimitable Once only
Automatic Malware Removal
Spam and Website Filtering
Malware Scan Every 6 hours Every 12 hours Every 24 hours
Detection of Vulnerability (OWASP). Every 6 hours Every 12 hours Every 24 hours
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).
24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC),
An expert analyst
Web Application Firewall
Custom WAF rules
Bot Protection
Scraping Protection
Content Delivery Network
Layer 7 DDoS Protection
Protection Layers 3, 5, & 6.
Trust Seal

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