Content management systems (CMSs) are software used to manage content on a website, server, or computer. ITarian believes that your content management system should be integrated with the IT IT support desk in order to create a single system. Your customers will use your site to purchase new products and to learn more about the system. Customers will use your site to submit a ticket regarding any issues.

What do companies want?

It is crucial to fully understand your company’s expectations of you and your IT department. This will allow you to do the right thing, implement the right systems, and do your job right. These can be:

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Cross-training employees
  • Learning new skills
  • Respect policies and rules already in place
  • Provide services competently

Some of the documents that were written by The Service Desk

Some Service Desk employees may be more skilled at writing than others. However, most will handle IM and chat messages, tickets, emails, FAQs, blogs as well as reports, scripts, and procedures. While they will most likely use the CMS to create certain documents, others will use instant messaging apps or other tools. We know that you must add those documents to your ServiceDesk system once they are created.

The FAQ section of our product includes prefilled information. You can add any questions or answers you think are important for your business. Our product is so easy to use that customers and end-users can create tickets themselves. This saves the IT department one step.

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