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How to Fix com.Facebook.Appmanager

How to Fix com.Facebook.Appmanager?

What danger does your Android face with "com.facebook.appmanager?" Has your phone stopped functioning properly or caused an uncontrollable auto-start of your phone? Well, the folder name...
Kids Safe online

6 Tips to keep your kids safe online 2019

As children are targeted more and more at online attacks, parents have to step up their computer habits and protect their children's devices. Here...

Adware Definition

Adware Definition A software application that displays unwanted ads during running a program is called adware. In most cases, adware is inserted into free advertising-supported...
Bot traffic

How to Prevent Bots from Infecting Your System

What's Bots? Bots are also known as crawlers, spiders, and internet bots as Internet robots. They are automated programs that are designed to perform repetitive...
https http encryption

Digital Certificate

What is digital Certificate? A digital certificate is used to encrypt communication of internet data / information between a browser and a website. Once the...

What is CryptoWall?

CryptoWall, which utilizes sophisticated methods to infiltrate pcs and hides itself from its victims, is part of the ransomware family. Just said, the Cryptowall...
Pname Com Facebook Orca

Pname Com Facebook Orca – How to Fix this Error on Android Phone

Introduction of facebook pname Orca If you're using an Android smartphone and you've installed the Facebook app on it, you might have got a warning...
Computer hack

Computer Hacking – What are they and how to stay protected

Individuals using an Internet-connected computer are vulnerable to the threats posed by internet predators and hackers of computers. These specialists usually use phishing scams,...
How to Fix Pname com Google Android Voicesearch

How to Fix Pname com Google Android Voicesearch?

How to Fix Pname com Do not panic in your hidden files with Pname com Google's Android voice search folder package. It's not a virus...
Macos System

Mac users can now test the MacOS Catalina that is free of iTunes

Apple's public beta program will quickly be live for the next significant Mac software update. Mac consumers curious about what living in an iTunes-free globe...
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Facebook not working on Android Fixed 2019

Facebook doesn't function I've been experiencing "Facebook doesn't function" on my Android phone for a very long time now. Sometimes it would work fine and...