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cross scripting attack

What is CSRF Token and CSRF Attacks?

What is the CSRF? What is it? Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), XSRF or Sea surf is an attack on authenticated web apps that use cookies...
Flipboard hack

Hackers stole user information from flipboard

The hacker extent is unknown, but for nearly nine months flipboards said hackers have been using their systems. FlipBoard, a mobile news aggregator service, today...

The Treasury NZ says systems ‘ hacked ‘ before the budget

Gabriel Makhlouf, Secretary of the New Zealand Treasury, said his department has collected "enough evidence" to say that it has suffered a hack. "The Treasury...
Cloud Securty Risk

6 security risks for cloud storage companies and file sharing applications

This is one of six of the top risks to address in cloud storage and business file sharing applications. Given Cloud Storage's increasing popularity and...
Siemens Medical Products

Wormable Windows Flaw Affected Siemens Medical Products

A recent patching of the Windows vulnerability traced as CVE-2019-0708 and BlueKeep affected a number of products from Siemens Healthineers, a company specializing in...
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Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working Error Code

Netflix doesn't work to solve problems to get it back to normal. If you're having trouble using the Netflix app saying that Netflix doesn't...