Canon 15mm Fisheye Lens

One of the finest fish eye lenses you can currently find on the market is the Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye lens. With this lens, there is never a blurry moment, and the derived production is super sharp as well. Besides, with all the curves and waves inside your caught shot, you can also get 180-degree coverage.

This perfect fisheye lens offers you a wonderful time for shooting while giving you the option of sharp focusing at 0.8 feet on subjects. This lens, on the other hand, comes at a price of one-third of the same lens manufactured by Canon’s largest industry competitor, Nikon. Although you won’t find this ideal for smaller formats, the wider formats are worth going for.

Key Specifications of Canon 15 mm fisheye lens

  • Focal Length of 15mm
  • 8 The Peak Aperture
  • It weights around 330g.
  • 73mm in diameter
  • Max is 0.14x magnification
  • The Format Max is around 35 mm FFF
  • Canon Mount EF
  • 62 mm in length
  • The minimum width of emphasis is 0.2mm

This Canon 15mm fish eye lens can be considered to be the best and most famous fish eye lens in the world. Well, you may not be aware of this fact, but this Canon 15mm fisheye lens is one of the Canon catalog’s oldest lenses. That said, it comes with both the outstanding build quality of the L-series and the ring-type USM autofocus. You should be assured of having the APS-C and APS-H lens distortion effect until you get your hands on this masterpiece.

Wider lens

Canon Fisheye 15 mm, broader lens
The Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 now has a wide-angle view of 180 degrees that gives you great visibility from one corner to another. You’ll also have adequate flash coverage in addition to this. There is space for a flash with a flip-down diffuser built into the device on a 1.3x or 1.6x FOVCF body to cover the frame.

It is somewhat close to the ultra-wide-angle rectilinear lens that is useful for larger landscapes. You should then take it as a perfect lens that is suitable for taking images of homes, boats, and small spaces.

Wild-looking effects

Wild-looking impacts of Canon 15 mm fisheye
The minimum focus distance of 8 makes this lens suitable for wild-looking results. With the 2x zoom range, even from a fair distance, you can get a stunning picture. More accurately, the lens comes with an example of the coverage of the picture circle. Therefore, when taking your favorite picture, you do not need to think about the risk of blurriness.

Heavy barrel distortion

Canon 15mm fisheye-Heavy distortion of the barrel
A distinctive effect that turns even the straight lines within an image into a barrel-shaped curved line is the heavy barrel distortion of the Canon 15mm fisheye lens. You can add an entirely new curved meaning to your caught shot with this effect.

In addition, you’ll get the ease of using the fisheye-to-rectilinear conversion program with digital capture. This function gives the clarity of the image that is very impressive and a 12-13 mm rectilinear lens is equivalent to the same output. In 7 classes, you’ll also get the optical construction of 8 elements.

You can get a lens that is light-weight and lightweight at just 330g with a dimension of 73x62mm. In addition, the gigantic front part is vulnerable to scratch, which may be the only drawback to this lens gem.

Build quality

The Canon Fisheye Lens EF 15mm f/2.8 is well built and warrants its price tag in terms of construction quality. When you buy it, the metal mount that fits correctly along with the concentrate ring will be identified. Compared to the Canon EF 14mm L, Canon EF 16-35mm L, or Canon EF 17-40mm L, this lens is thin, but you’ll still find it better than its predecessors. Again, the lightweight hard case that guarantees long-term reliability comes with the overall unit.


Emphasis on Canon 15mm fisheye
Compared to some other lenses within the same class, the 15 Fisheye ensures slow focus. Nevertheless, the specification is important for individuals looking forward to improved image quality. There’s a drawback to it, though, and that is the unavailability of emphasis on FTM (Full Time Manual).

Bottom line for Canon 15 mm fisheye lens

If you’re bored with the usual facets of photography and searching for a better fisheye lens to refresh your photographic experience, then it is definitely a brilliant idea to take this fisheye lens into account. It is, without a doubt, the finest fisheye lens that you can catch from the market at present.

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