Best Video Editing Apps for iOS

We can take incredible photographs and videos just by using our phone. Camera phones just keep getting better and better. The iPhone is considered to have one of the finest built-in cameras to date. If you are a maker who uses your iPhone to take pictures, here is a list of video editing apps, particularly videos for content, in no particular order, that can transform your device into a mini editing machine.

We’ve described the top 5 iOS applications that could be appreciated by an experienced editor for beginners.

1. VLLO: A free software for editing. Yeah, you heard it correctly. It’s totally secure. Without a watermark, it lets you export videos and you can export up to 4k in quality! O nice to be true? Yeah, you’re going to have to watch an ad so you can use it for free. It’s not FREE, but advertisements are free. If you can have an app free of charge, what’s a 30 second ad anyway? More are there. This app has an Adjustment Layer, something commonly found on apps for technical editing. It is a huge help because it helps you to add any effects, colour changes, any graphic edits on all the aligned footage to it in bulk. It has a single layer which displays its audio waveform as well. Anyone on a budget will make this software a wonderful tool. It has outstanding grading in colours, texts, transformations, and all of that. They also have a premium edition that reduces commercials and unlocks more app transitions, messages, and other sophisticated features.

2. One of the most popular iOS video editing software available is Adobe Premiere Rush. It has a nice balance of technical features for newcomers. For video and audio, this app has several tracks on its timeline. Adobe Premiere Rush has a special feature: it’s a cross-platform, cross-device program. This means you will continue to work with Adobe Rush on your iPhone even though you start working on your Adobe Premiere Pro on your device, because it doesn’t matter if you’re using iOS, Linux, Mac or Desktop, your files will be compatible anywhere. It also supports a large range of types of files, and it has built in presets, filters and texts that you can completely configure, like most applications. It only helps you to export up to 3 free videos, after which you will have to pay for the app. They have various types of subscriptions, where you can combine Adobe Rush with Adobe Premiere or bundle it with their Creative Suite as a whole.

3. IMovie is an easy and free tool on the iPhone or iPad that can be downloaded from the app store. This software helps you to work and upload up to 4k files, has templates to create trailers, or to edit a complete film. The gui is simple, user-friendly, has a single lane, and has a wide variety of software that can do all the basics. You can add songs, transitions and effects, you can repair blurry images, it has preinstalled sound effects, it has automated audio correction, as if your footage has a person talking and you have added background music as well, iMovie can instantly decrease the volume of your music.

Any of the not so nice features, because it’s a single track timeline, you can’t stretch it to the second scene while inserting texts on, let’s say the first scene. It even sets the video to full screen automatically, if you put a file of varying dimensions, you won’t be able to reduce it down to match the whole screen, you’ll have to edit it on another app. For any of your clips, it even applies an automatic cross-dissolve, so you’ll have to go one by one to delete every one. Other than that, it’s a quick, intuitive way to bring film projects together, which includes almost everything you need to make a short movie.

4. LumaFusion- This is by far the best video editing software I’ve seen. That’s better than Premiere Rush, too. It’s like a mixture of Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, except in a mobile app style. Well, oh my goodness. It’s very cool! This app also gives you a lot of power over stuff that you can do on your video, unlike iMovie. It has multiple audio and video tracks, you can change the audio per channel, you can scale, rotate, shift, and set key frames, you can quickly import and scrub multiple 4K images into the timeline, you can automatically capture and add speech, it has preset filters that can be changed, the color grading is fantastic. Everything you’ll need to make an awesome video is here.

Because of the advanced features that are included, the gui can be a little daunting at first, you can freely customize the configuration of it, which suits you, you can customize it to the size of your computer, either you work on an iPad or iPhone. Your files can also be archived in the server. You’ll enjoy this one whether you’re an experienced or moderate editor. I haven’t seen any software that can get close to how amazing it is. It’s not a free edition, it’s a one-time order, but this is still a steal relative to how you bought video editing tools. I say, it’s like a mix of Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, like I said earlier, except as a smartphone app. LumaFushion is a game changer, very literally. Word.

5. InShot is an easy and fast editing program that enables basic video and photo editing to be performed. It enables you to speed up or slow down your images, change brightness, contrast, distortion, etc. It also has a wide range of personalized filters and effects. It’s really intuitive, the controls are self-explanatory, it can be used right off the bat by anybody. Your export would have a watermark for the free edition, so you can erase it by seeing an ad, or by actually buying a paid version. For beginners or someone looking to make a short edit of their footage, it’s great.

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