With lots of customization choices and features, Windows 8 is an excellent operating system. Features and customization tools make it easier to adjust the overall appearance of the Windows 8 screen. But, it will take a lot of time to manually customise your Windows screen and you may find it complicated. So, if you don’t want to manually customise your Windows 8, then there are a number of the best Windows 8.1 themes available that you can use to fully customise your Windows 8.

Best Themes For Windows 8 & 8.1

Aero Glow 8.1

One of the best Windows 8.1 themes, Aero Glow 8.1, gives you a lot of features and customization options. It includes Windows 7 version-like features and interfaces. If the old edition of Windows 7 is unavailable, so that’s what you can run on your computer. Your machine will start operating with Windows 7 after you update it, and it will view all the features that are available in Windows 7. So, what are you going to wait for? Only upgrade your machine with Aero Glow 8.1 and give your PC a fresh look.

Gray 8.1

Another great Windows 8 theme is Gray 8.1, which provides its users with a number of basic and advanced features. All the icons will look like clipart when you add this theme to the screen. The visual and clip icons are built so well that they appear better than the default ones. If you are a graphic artist, so this style will surely be enjoyed by you. Gray 8.1, in short, is an easy, free and clear theme that can be enabled with just a single click.

Bel Minimal

One of the best Windows 8.1 themes that looks identical to the Ubuntu operating system is Bel Minimal. It is well adapted and specifically built for the performers because it’s cheaper than a specialist to build anything on a simple blueprint. It contains a range of features and resources that will fully convert your device and you will never face any problems when using it.


Naumn is an outstanding theme with several features and customization choices that can turn your computer screen into a different one. It’s very basic and easy to use, close to the Bel Minimal theme, and a casual user can use it without any hassle. It has a taskbar at the end , making it much more fun and comfortable for its users. However, it’s one of the better themes for Windows 8.1, but still, there are a few bugs that will be patched in the near future.

Tequila Port

One of the better Windows 8.1 themes is Tequila Dock, which can make the device look close to the Apple gui. If you’re a freelancer or a business owner, then this is the perfect subject for you. This has several shortcut keys that can improve your productivity, which is why it is ideally suited for a business person or a freelancer. In short, the best theme that you can add on your machine to make it look fun and nicer is Tequila Port.


So, here are the best Windows 8.1 themes that can fully turn the screen of your computer. I hope you have been supported by this article to get what you were looking for. If you have found this guide beneficial, share it with your friends, families , and colleagues. Even, if you have any ideas for us, then in the comment section below, let me know.

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