Live streaming can be made easier by using high-quality lighting that is free from dark shadows and harsh glare.

Softboxes are a great way to achieve this effect for streamers. Softboxes diffuse light to create a more subtle and bland effect.

You need the best softbox lighting kits to get the most out of your equipment. The kit should include all necessary components. You will need lights, mounts, stands, and a softbox.

These options are plentiful today. It can be difficult to know what you need.

However, the advantage is that you can find something portable that offers maximum versatility. You can also find streaming lights at a variety of prices, making it easy to budget.

The best softbox lighting in 2021 for video streaming and photography

1. ESDDI 20”x28” Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

The ESDDI lighting equipment removes shadows and softens light streams to create the most beautiful scenery.

You get a variety of features, including:

  • 2x 85W 110V CFL bulbs
  • 2x20x28 inches softcover
  • Lamp holder adjustable
  • Interiors in silver

The total output of daylight CFL bulbs is equal to that of an 800W regular incandescent bulb. This allows the kit to operate at low temperatures and saves energy up to 80%. It also provides lifetime lighting for up to 8000 hours.

Softening light streams and removing shadows are other benefits of the softbox. It will provide a perfect environment for photography. The kit’s silver interior helps minimize light loss and maximize light speed.

The softbox can be adjusted to suit different streaming requirements thanks to its adjustable lamp holder. It can be adjusted to an angle of 210 degrees for optimum light.

The softbox can be used to shoot scenes while on the go and is very easy to set up and takedown.

2. Mountdog 1350W Photography Continuous soft Lighting Kit

Mountdog 1350W professional equipment is used to film portrait shoots. It is praised for its ability to film group shots, product, and glamour photography.

You get many accessories and features that can be added to it.

  • 1+1 Daylight Bulb
  • Stand for flexible soft stands
  • Lamp holder adjustable
  • Light reflector 20×28 inches
  • Silver internal face

Softbox lighting kits for video streaming include an additional 135W bulb. The additional bulb can be used in an emergency, even though other sellers only offer one bulb.

The flexible tripod stand can be adjusted from 27 to 80 inches in height. The alignment is made of premium aluminum and can be used as a streamer.

The angle of the lamp holder can be adjusted to 210 degrees. The lamp holder’s adjustable design allows you to adjust to different YouTube shooting angles to get the best light.

The Mountdog 1350W has a silver interior, just like many similar products. It reduces light loss and maximizes light spreading. This kit is much cheaper than the ones on the list

3. Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit

House is a great lighting kit for portrait photography. Two 85W bulbs are included. It is easy to use indoors and you won’t have to worry about getting glaring or dark light.

This kit includes:

  • Material of high quality
  • Energy-efficient bulbs
  • Adjustable stand and 210-degree rotatable head

HPUSN uses PET of high quality in its design. It retains a better reflective performance in closed environments and when exposed to prolonged bulb heating.

The bulbs can save up to 88% of energy and last for up to 8,000 hours. They have a 5500K color temperature, which produces pure white daylight lighting.

The angle of the tripod stand can be adjusted to 210 degrees. It can be rotated in many ways to achieve the perfect angle for you. The HPSUN can be used in studios. You can stream with it using bright lights that make everything attractive.

4. Neewer 700W Lighting System

The softbox creates even and diffused light through its inner aluminized fabric.

It is ideal for streaming lights setups by softening the light and removing shadows. It can be used for group shots and portraits, as well as other types of photography.

Some of the accessories and features include:

  • (2) 85W CFL Light Bulbs 5500K CFL
  • Two Soft 24”X24″ Softballs
  • (2) Light Stands
  • (1) Carrying Bag

The operating temperature of light bulbs is low. They will not heat up even after being used for long hours. The kit includes two light stands, which is a departure from other products.

They are made of aluminum alloy, which gives them more strength for heavy-duty jobs. They also come with locks that allow for fast and precise height adjustments.

Carrying bad is a great option if you are constantly on the move or work outside. The Neewer 700W is a durable and large portable softbox lighting system.


5. Andoer Studio Lighting Kit

The softbox is built with quality materials and has powerful lights. It can be carried anywhere and delivers on any level of streaming or photography.

It is a premium product with excellent light quality, and it will last you a long time.

Some of the accessories and features include:

  • 20inch x 28inch softbox
  • Light stand
  • 45W professional lighting bulbs
  • One Cantilever Stick
  • Non-woven backdrop kit

The softbox diffuses light and creates even illumination during operations. The softbox also diffuses light and eliminates shadows, creating a perfect environment for photography. It will also reduce hot spots and overexposure.

This kit includes a light stand made of extremely durable aluminum alloy. The maximum height you can adjust is 2m.

The cantilever stick adjusts up to 54.7 inches. To ensure sufficient lighting, the softbox comes with 45W bulbs and 5500K color temperature.

What is soft lighting?

Softbox lighting refers to the process of changing light by diffusing it into pleasing and even illumination. It reduces shadows and other effects during filming, streaming, or photography.

To diffuse light better, you will need a softbox. You or the subject must be nearer to the tool. This will allow for a softer light to be produced. Softboxes come in a variety of shapes including rectangular, square, and octagonal.

Different sizes can improve the quality and brightness of the light. The shadows cast by small softboxes are more defined and darker than those cast by larger ones.

They cast a darker shadow than the smaller ones. Larger ones can cover a larger area with indefinite shadows.

Softboxes are considered workhorses for photographers because of their unique shapes. The most popular shape is rectangular. It is used by professionals to lighten the scene with fill lights or primary lighting sources during filming.

How to select the best soft lighting

There are many softboxes available for video streaming. It can be difficult to choose the right one.

When choosing studio equipment, consider the following.


The equipment for studios comes in different sizes, as we have already mentioned. Softboxes are used to provide light for Twitch streams. Your light source will be smaller so your light source will be brighter and more concentrated. Your light will be brighter if the source is bigger.

If you’re filming in large areas, a larger softbox is better. This will create soft lighting that transitions between light and shadow.

It is great for product videography or macro shots. This will provide contrast lighting and decrease mirror-like highlights. You can also choose the size of your object to determine how far it will be from your lens.


You can choose one that is simpler to assemble depending on your needs. Buy a traditional or standard structure if you own a studio.

Consider a one with an opening mechanism for those who are always on the move. They look a lot like an umbrella.


The type of light it produces will depend on the shape of the softbox. Square or rectangular softboxes mimic window light. The octagonal ones provide natural-looking, pleasing lighting with round catch lamps that reflect on the subject’s eyes.

The strip shape produces narrow bands of light and can be used as a substitute. This is great for rim-lighting subjects and separating them from backgrounds.


Diffusion converts a harsh flashlight into a softer and more powerful light source. Diffusion also reduces shadows and mirror-like highlights.

After considering all of the factors above, you should be able to choose the best softbox lighting solution for video streaming.

There’s light in your life

If you don’t know what you want, it can be difficult to determine the best streaming lighting.

You should consider buying a product that is the right size, shape and provides the best diffusion if you have a budget. If you love filming outdoors, you might also consider buying something you can take with you.

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