Best Plagiarism Apps For Writers And Bloggers


Best Plagiarism Apps For Writers And Bloggers

Writers and bloggers need to avoid plagiarism in every content. For bloggers, it is vital to get their blogs ranked on search engines and attract more audience and readers. For writers, it is crucial because unique content will get their work accepted and appreciated. It is easy to eliminate plagiarism using plagiarism checker tools, but it can be more convenient if you use Android apps to check your documents anywhere and anytime. In this article, we will mention a few of the best plagiarism checker apps for writers and bloggers. Let’s get started!

What is Plagiarism?

Everyone might have heard the term plagiarism reasonably a lot, but one must be familiar with it is? It is the content present on multiple locations, on-site or off-site. It can be intentional or might occur unintentionally in your work. It is known as the copying of someone’s content and using it in yours without citation. It is an illegal act.

Consequences of duplicate content on bloggers and writers:

Undoubtedly, it causes great harm to all kinds of content writers. Here are a few of those destructive impacts of plagiarism.

    • Bad SEO ranking
    • Lose audience
    • You will not grow
    • Lose reputation

Benefits of using plagiarism checker apps:

It is a very convenient way to avoid plagiarism. Here are a few benefits of it:


Plagiarism checkers are very efficient. These software programmes have the ability to search the whole web in a couple of seconds with little effort. In a short period of time, they compare the text in issue with other papers from across the globe.

Plagiarism checkers apps

Provides Similarity Report

When you create suitable material and submit it to a plagiarism checker, the checker gives you with a proportion of the content that contains plagiarism. You will learn how genuine your material is and whether or not it need modification.

Best Plagiarism Apps:

Using plagiarism checker apps can be a great way to get rid of any plagiarism in your content. It will allow you to generate content that is free of duplication and is unique. It will also help your content to rank higher on search engines. There are many such apps available on Android as well as the iOS app store. Here are a few of the best plagiarism android apps for writers and bloggers:


The plagiarism checker app uses widely to test the originality of the text. You can check plagiarism in your content by simply copy-pasting the text or by uploading your file. Prepostseo is our first pick as it helps protect your content from duplication as plagiarism is not acceptable in any field.

Duplicate content can harm your website ranking and get it low ranked on search engines. It is rated 4.5 stars and is downloaded by hundreds of people every day throughout the world.  You can make an account and start using the app.


The app provides various unique features to its users.

  • Generate reports

The app allows you to download the report of the output. You can also share the report with your clients and colleagues.

  • Upload Files

It is easier as you can easily upload your file directly to check plagiarism. It allows all kinds of files such as doc. Txt. Pdf. Etc.

  • Safe and Secure

 The app is entirely safe and secure to use. It does not copy or save your files.

  • Free to use

 The app is entirely free to use and is easily accessible for everyone.


It is a widely used app and helps to remove any duplicate content from your text. It helps to make your work top-notch. The app also offers a premium version with additional features.


  • Easy to use

The app is easy to use and is accessible for everyone.

  • Free download

 The app does not require any payment for downloading

  • Accurate results

The app gives the exact result to its users.


The plagly plagiarism checker app compares your text to the whole Internet and other databases by detecting plagiarized sentences. It also highlights the content that is currently published online on the web.


It gives few fantastic features to its users that include:

  • Instant plagiarism checking

The app is fast and generates a report instantly. It detects the plagiarized phrases.

  • Free plagiarism checker

The app is entirely free to use and is conveniently available and accessible for everyone.

  • Advanced Technology

The app operates on advanced technologies to allow you to detect plagiarism efficiently.


The app is available online for all users. As plagiarism can ruin your career life, it is necessary to avoid it, so this app can help you eliminate any duplicate content from your work and give you best synonyms. And it gives various good features to its users.


  • Fast and accurate

The app is speedy and generates reports quickly, and the output is accurate and precise.

  • Next level technology

The app works on the latest technologies to generate accurate results.

  • Natural language processing

The app supports natural language processing

  • Check plagiarism by uploading files

It is easier to upload your file, either pdf, txt, or doc, to check plagiarism.


It is a plagiarism checker app for Android. It does not only helps you to find plagiarism in text, but it also checks duplicate content in URLs, pdf, and text. It comes as a free app and also comes in a paid version.


  • Support all kinds of text

The app allows you to upload any file, either a txt, doc, or pdf, making it easier to use for everyone.

  • Results via email

The app notifies you of the result via your email. That is better for all professional users.

  • Safe to use

The app does not leak or saves your data. It doesn’t even copy your content, so it’s an entirely safe, secure, and reliable app.

Safe to use


Plagiarism is like a disease for writers and bloggers as it harms their work in every way possible. It is an illegal act and destroys the reputation and career of writers and affects their work a lot. All writers and bloggers need to get rid of plagiarism, and using plagiarism checker apps can be an excellent source for it. Reviewing this article will help you to choose the best app for your work.

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