Children hardly partake in something with their parents today. Yet learning about the events that happen to their child’s life is something important for parents. It is critical that children are saved from taking the wrong direction and taking the wrong steps in their lives. And smartphone is the only way to learn more about one’s life. So, here are seven best Android and iOS Phone Monitoring Apps that can help you track the activities of your child without rooting your computer. You can read all the information below about the software. Or use all of these, if you like.

Mobile Tracker (FREE)

Mobile Tracker is a valuable phone tracking app that you can use for free. It offers you many surveillance apps, such as monitoring GPS position, whatsapp access, Twitter, checking history of calls, and much more. Installation and use is simple. Let ‘s look at some of the features the Smartphone Tracker software offers.


  • Check their SMS and MMS got, and give them.
  • Track the history of calling, and record calls
  • Track their positions on GPS
  • See images from their computer (received, taken, and deleted)
  • Keep an eye on their social media, check what they have got and send messages.
  • Remotely monitor their camera, take screenshots, take a picture, record sound etc.

CellTracker (FREE)

CellTracker is another free phone surveillance app on the list. It records and controls all target phone activities. The app lets you keep track of calls , texts, social media, places, and much more. The application is truly awesome and offers you loads of free features listed below.


  • Check the messages in real time, the name of the sender, type of message, time and date.
  • Track history of phone calls, record calls
  • Position monitoring GPS.
  • Check out Whatsapp, and see messages and calls.
  • Check the history of their browsers.
  • Display Phone images and videos

iKeyMonitor (FREE)

This is the third-best mobile surveillance app, iKeyMonitor. The software is very user friendly and is one of the most popular parental control devices. To monitor your child’s GPS location, check messages, call history, keep an eye on their social media, and more, you can use this app. Here’s a rundown of all the features iKeyMonitor has to sell for free.


  • Review the text messages with information, date and time of the sender.
  • Check Call History.
  • Record Calls on their phone.
  • Allow microphone and listen to environment
  • Track GPS locations
  • Geo-fencing, and more


Even Spyzie is one of Android ‘s best phone tracking devices. This is easy to use and compatible with apps running both Android and iOS. You can easily track your child’s online activities with this device. You can search their Whatsapp, email, log calls, locations monitoring and much more. Here’s the list of Spyzie’s main features, get a peek.


  • Find out Whatsapp, Twitter , Youtube, Snapchat and more.
  • Display images, videos and screenshots.
  • Check Contacts, Log call, and Messages.
  • Check history of your browsers
  • Report Keylogger with all input information
  • Position monitoring
  • Get short warning about sensitive details.
  • View and export the information under survey
  • Look at all the things in one look


Mobistealth also appears in the list of best phone tracking devices. When you want to know what happens to your child’s future, it might be a good idea. You can use this software to track the activities of your child’s phone. Mobistealth gives you several apps that help you monitor your child and watch them over. Below are the features you will enjoy with this app.


  • Check messages, and call history.
  • Check out Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, Messages on Facebook and more.
  • Keylogger
  • Listen to the surroundings
  • Record Calls
  • Check all Gmail activities
  • Display videos, feature lists and history of browsing

Final Verdict

Above, we’ve listed the seven best Android and iOS phone surveillance apps or spying apps. You can read the information, and use them to monitor the activities of your child. All of these apps will help you track live locations, check SMS, Whatsapp , Facebook, Instagram, check the background of the call, contacts, record calls, and surroundings, and much more. And you can use these applications if you’re looking for an app that can help you stop your child from getting down the wrong paths. So for this post, that’s it and I hope you’ll like it. If you have any concerns , please let us know in the comment section. Lastly thank you for your visit.


Not all of the apps mentioned above are for anyone to spy on. We listed these applications in order to help parents monitor the behavior of their children and prevent them from getting into something wrong. Please do not use these software for any illegal reason.

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