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You love music and you want to compose your own beats, but you don’t have PC software for free beat making? If so, you certainly should read this post. In this blog post, we’ll give you a list of some of the best and greatest online beat making programs and beat makers that helps you develop your skills.

All software we’ll share is so easy and simple that a casual user can use it without any problems. So, let’s start exploring the free beat making program without wasting any more time.

Best Free Beat Making Software

MAGIX Music Maker


MAGIX Music Maker is one of the best free apps to make beats for your music. You can use it for free, but you have to buy the premium membership if you want to use any advanced software.

The best thing is that in a few minutes you can write your own songs and beats. Another interesting feature is that they direct you for every feature you have in your app. In short, MAGIX is fantastic app for making music and beats for free.



MuseScore is another best free beat producing 2020 software that is MAC and Windows-compatible. The design is easy to use and quick. It has many features and tools that allow users to work freely without difficulties.

If you are a beginner, you should definitely start to use it because it has been made especially for beginners. With just a few clicks you can create beats and songs and then save them in the format you need.

FL Studio


Do you have anything unique and creative that you want to write as quickly as possible? Then you certainly should try FL studio. It’s the best software available for both MAC and Windows PC. You can use this software for free and most of it is Mac and Windows compatible.

You can easily create, edit or combine any song or beat in a few minutes using this app. Even if you are a beginner, you can also create music. There are many specially designed devices available to help beginners.

Drum Flow

Drum Flow is one of the best free apps to build your own beats and music online. The best part of this app is to have a sample music library, which you can use to create your own music or rhythms.

The gui is easy to use and even a beginner can use without any problems. Within a few minutes you can create or beat your own music and save performance files in any format.


Hydrogen is another best 2020 free beat app that allows you to create free beats. It is compatible with computers such as Mac and Windows. It has many powerful tools and functions to create your own music and software free of charge.


The best thing is that you can make as many files as possible and store the files in any format. Almost every format of songs like MP3, WMV, etc. is supported. So, what are you expecting? Go and try to create your own beats and music.


OrdrumBox is one of Mac and Windows ‘ best-in-class apps that gives you several musical options. It has become quite popular with the musicians ‘ community because of its wide range of composition and mixing options.

The best thing is that almost every operating system works smoothly. You can build or blend your own beats on this website.


Established in 2010, Garageband is another popular app for composing your own beats. There is also a list of musical instruments that you can learn and play on this website.

The best thing is that you can either write songs or make beats. Such generated beats can be saved in different formats. But it’s only officially available for MAC. You can try these windows with GarageBand.

Musink Lite

Musink Lite is another best free software that enables users to create beats in just a few clicks. There is a music sheet on the dashboard which you can use to build or combine different beats.

The software is available in two versions. The first is safe and the second is paid for. You can either choose the free one and switch to the paid one that costs you a one-off fee.

HammerHead Rhythm Station

HammerHead is another durable app that enables music tunes to be created both by beginners and professionals. It has hundreds of options for composing music and is compatible with all Windows devices.

The simple interface is easy to use and can be used by anyone without any problems. All beats created with this platform can be exported and stored in different formats.


LMMS is an open source software that runs seamlessly on Windows and Mac computers. It has a simple interface that provides you with hundreds of flexible choices to create amazing beats.

It also features sample tracks that you can compose and blend in your own style. All generated beats can be exported in any format.

Best Free Online Beat Makers


AudioTool is one of the best online beat makers for making and mixing your own tracks. Since it is an online tool, you can open and use this program for composing different tracks of music in any device.


The interface may seem very complex, but you will be able to view hundreds of videos for further details about how the software works.

Music Shake

Being a beatmaker, I find a beatmaker with a simple interface and music choices very difficult. Fortunately, I found Music Shake, which allowed me to build and mix music tracks easily, even free of charge.

It’s less complex and easy to use, so I suggest that every beginner creates and mixes their own music styles.

Splice Beatmaker

Splice Beatmaker is one of the best online beatmakers for making or mixing own tracks. It comes with hundreds of apps and tools that you can use to make cool music tunes.


One is legal, the other payable. You can either update the free one or add advanced features to the paid one.


Soundtrap is another best free beat maker to create your own music free of charge. It also has a large list of tools and built-in beats that you can use while mixing your tracks.

We also have a forum for musicians and composers you can participate in and chat with other musicians about your work.


That’s it! These are the best free beat makers you can use online to create your own beats. I hope this guide will help you build your own free music.

Share it with your friends, family and relatives who are searching for the same if you find this guide helpful. Also, if you have issues, please contact us in the comments section below.

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