February 11, 2020

Best Mobile Tracker to Find the Current Location by Phone Number

You may have to monitor mobile circumstances in an environment where there is an unforeseen risk of dangerous attacks, because you want to find your lost or stolen phone or need to know what your child is doing with and where your smartphone is. Today, the new technology helps you not only to trace unknown phone numbers when you frequently receive calls from an unknown number; you can also easily track the current location of your mobile number using some online tracking tools and applications.

In this post, you will therefore receive full information about the best websites and third-party applications to track the exact location of mobile numbers on a map. However, by using these websites and applications you cannot only get the venue, but also other telephone numbers information for free. Because you receive this service free of charge, you can make regular use of this service to know the credibility of the people in your phone contacts. In fact, this will save you from anyone’s pranking or tricking. But, if your phone name is missing on your computer, you must first get the number that is deleted or lost with this Android Phone Data Recovery app.

How does phone number monitoring work?

GPS has a wonderful function which is known to very fewer people that even a computer does not have a connection to a network. Both handsets and mobile phones now have GPS for phone location. Essentially, the following telephone location tracking sites and apps use GPS to map telephone numbers. The GPS coordinates are obtained and the telephone number is found. You can therefore monitor any number irrespective of whether the system is offline or online.

GPS can also be monitored via WhatsApp and SMS. You can share your position with anyone while you are using it. It is very useful for security purposes. If you want to know where your child goes or is healthy or not, you can easily track the location of your mobile telephone. There are many other services provided by these trackers. The following features allow you to enjoy unlimited monitoring for free.

Location tracking tools or device requirements

Mobile tracker location can have several additional features that ensure your privacy and safety in many ways. Nevertheless, you must verify that the monitoring device you will use is trustworthy. Therefore, before we move on to the best web sites and apps to track mobile numbers free of charge online, we list five key criteria for accurate tracking applications / web sites.

  • It should allow the user to quickly and easily locate any telephone number or unit.
  • It should reveal the place for vibrant tracing in real time.
  • The past of position can be easily checked.
  • It should be able to give the telephone number information.
  • Spam numbers and incorrect call numbers can be blocked quickly.

Location tracking tool for the online tracking of mobile number

Free Phone Tracer

This is a free website that can be used for the online tracking of mobile numbers. You must first create an account in order to use this online tool. You can find a search bar on its easy and hassle-free gui, in which you can enter a phone number and locate the location by tapping “Find Now!””. Then you will get the system details with the number you are searching for.

This web site can be used not only to display mobile telephone numbers, but also to easily track phone numbers. The platform is operated by McAfee Security so that you can access and use it absolutely safely.


GPS Cell Phone Locator

GPS Cell Phone Locator also provides free telephone number tracking service. It can be used free of charge. You only need to enter your country code and mobile phone number, then click “Check Phone Now” to get the results. It’s a simple and straightforward website to use for the location of any device.

The user-friendly and intuitive interface of this website. Although this is a free website, it contains no phishing or links to track the exact location of any smartphone. In addition, it isiOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry compatible.


Online GPS Phone Tracker

Here is another website for free to display the telephone number online. The Online GPS Mobile Tracker gives you the cell location as well as the name and all other useful information on the user of the mobile as a phone location tracking site.

You only have to type the mobile phone number with a clean and easy-to-use interface and want to monitor it, pick country and SIM operator (optional) name and then press “Check Now.” The website will then begin scanning and show the data for you. In addition, Online GPS Phone Tracking can also be used to find fixed number locations.


Free Cell Phone Lookups

If you want to track a phone number of anyone that you don’t know, this Free Cell Phone Lookups Web service is of great help to you. To find the current location, simply enter the telephone number and then the exact location of the telephone owner is indicated by this device. You receive a full report on the position of this telephone number, particularly when you become a member of this website.

Buddy Locator

This mobile localization tracker is one of the only authorized GPS localizer online services in many countries around the world and supports virtually all smartphones. This allows you to conveniently find the current phone location by telephone number. For track a phone location, you do not have to sign up to an account. Instead, you just have to pick the country in which you are calling and enter your phone number to find the exact location.


When you received an anonymous call and do not physically reach the mobile phone you can still track the exact location of the mobile phone number by using a reverse phone tracking service. Whitepages is one of these anonymous caller monitoring services.

You can locate the home address of the telephone number using Whitepages. You simply enter the phone number in the feedback that the platform provides and then the result will be shown. It is not, however, a live mobile tracker, since it can not track location in real time. In fact, when you try to know the exact address of your telephone owner, you will only know the overall area of the phone because this platform prohibits the exchange of location information.


Exact location of telephone number third-party applications


By using this popular mobile tracker app for Android and iOS devices, you can trace the location and any telephone number information. For example, you can use it to find the current location by phone number, to recognize the name of the phone number owner, and even to block the spam number. Simply put, Truecaller may be your best option to get rid of malicious or spam calls.


Mobile Number Tracker Pro

Mobile Number Tracker Pro is a professional mobile tracker app used extensively by iOS and Android users to find the latest mobile location by telephone number. And please note that a good internet connection is needed to monitor your telephone numbers.

Not only can this app help you track your ISD and STD codes in your database in over 200 countries, it can also track the number for you. And while it runs in the background, when the monitoring is done, it will give you a message.


Mobile Number Locator

This is a free and wonderful program for monitoring mobile locations. You can download it for your Android device from the Google Play Store. This software is superior to get tracking information of any number for free, using a simple and intuitive user interface and advanced tools.

This app can also be used as a mobile number identifier that gives the caller information when a call is made. In addition, you can check for any number and get the owner’s information and the location. On this page you can also search for global mobile phone and fixed-line codes. With this app you can easily locate mobile numbers correctly on the globe, because the tracking results are presented with a 3D Google Map showing the exact location of your mobile telephone, which can be used conveniently to navigate. The best part of this application is that, even if your computer is not connected to any Internet service, you can use this feature.


GPS Phone Tracker

Apps like GPS Phone Tracker are designed to track your telephone number. This GPS Phone Tracker offers great mobile telephones monitoring results in real time, even if the phone has no internet connection.

When you install the app on your phone, it will show you exactly where your phone is always. If the phone has been misplaced, you should search on the connected computer where it has been left behind. Or if the phone has been stolen, you should share the phone with the police and ask them to take their phone back. GPS Phone Tracker is therefore a great option to track your partner by finding a lost or stolen phone. Nonetheless, the app is not secure and will not help you anonymously monitor a cell phone location.

This mobile number locator app provides more useful features in addition to finding a telephone position, including location sharing, activity monitoring and emergency support.


Spyzie is both a security and parental control app that helps you monitor the mobile location of your children without hacking. This mobile monitoring software not only lets you track phone location by accessing the GPS of a phone from a remote device, it also allows you to remotely lock your phone and control phone data, including contact lists, immediate text messages and Internet usage.

Final Words

In this post, you have been through the best websites and third-party applications which can be used in real-time online for free to track phone number locations. Whether you are monitoring your own missing mobile devices or spying out a secret criminal, these tools can in any case save you time and effort to locate the number and location. You can easily use them and track the position in a couple of seconds. It’s very easy to track mobile phone numbers! If you have any queries then write to us through the comments section.

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