Best Live Soccer Streaming Sites to Watch Football Free of Charge

Football Live Streaming Sites

Football is a sport that could be a fan for many people from any region. Customers truly like every aspect of it, from the international friendly to La Liga or Serie A. Everyone does not hit the stadium, but everybody likes to watch soccer live on their tv, laptops, notebooks and other apps.

Nonetheless, it could be a daunting task for you to look for a great website to stream live football. We have listed the best football sites on the Internet to ease your burden. You can watch football live on a TV, laptop or smartphone by selecting one of these websites.

First Row Sports

First Row Sports has an interface that’s clean and this website loads really quickly, making it easy for users to watch soccer live on TV. Since this football live streaming site shows little, users are able to watch football online without distractions.

You could see some advertising here and there, but overall it is very easy to use and is perfect for all football fans. Not only football, but also online connections to soccer, rugby and other sports.

Key features:

  • Not many website ads are displayed, you can close them with a single click.
  • The website loads much faster and the consistency of the stream is also good.
  • First Row Sports is easy to use, and there is also smooth navigation on this platform.
  • There are several streaming links between different sports.



Initially, from HOTs began their journey as “Sports Lemon,” which explains the rounded citrus graphics on the whole website. The site offers coverage of all big sports such as football, basketball, tennis and hockey.

The platform also has cycling streams, and other interesting sports sources you can categorize into switchable tabs in the top of the site page. Through downloading the plugin on your browser, you can even look at the video stream.

Key Features:

  • It seems to be quite useful for users to get all sorts of sport matches like football on one tab.
  • You can use plugins if appropriate, although there are no plugins, the stream will usually work.fromhots.png

Real Stream United

This is an organized football live streaming platform that brings a lot of fun to all football fans. There are site-wide filters to display only a few selected matches based on your interests. All live streams available are ordered by start time.

Everyone can stream their favorite live soccer TV shows on Real Stream United. Webmasters can also add domain widgets to their own website. Once you click on any match, the website shows a wide list of available streams and their resolutions.

Key Features:

  • You can watch your streams and share them with others.
  • Real Stream United was very well made in comparison with other sites.



This site has an enormous collection of live football TV shows as well as streams of other sports such as handball, baseball, volleyball, etc. Time zones remain fixed and a social icon is put on the side panel, indicating how people are attracted to this article. Another great advantage of this site is that the advertisements shown are scarcely visible.

Key Features:

  • Atdhe is a site that is clean, simple and efficient.


WatchESPN is a popular site in America for all mainstream sports like football, cricketing, NBA, Formula One, WWE, NHL, golf, boxing, hockey and more. It also provides live broadcasting of international sports competitions such as the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.


  • The best place to watch both Soccer and American Football tournaments and matches.
  • You can monitor the live score, watch football matches playback and highlights on this website, too.
  • You can access this website at any time from anywhere in the USA.
  • It provides nearly all kinds of sports and is well organized on the website.
  • To get the latest updates of all the matches, you can subscribe to this page.



Hotstar is a great Star Network entertainment platform. This includes unlimited streaming of drama, sports, music, movies, TV series, news and much more. It is available free of charge and charged.


  • You can view all HD quality videos on this site.
  • It offers videos of different sports such as cricket, football, badminton, hockey, cycling, Formula One, etc.
  • All Premier League and tournaments shown on Star Channel can be viewed easily from here.
  • It meets in particular all the sports and entertainment requirements of Indian audiences.


Social442 is another website with live streaming platforms specifically for football. You will watch both soccer games and tournaments in one place around the world. This is a one-stop destination for all kinds of soccer needs.


  • You can watch football live on this platform without any hassles. No ads, pop-ups or other phishing feature are included in this article.
  • The guide is simple and mobile-friendly interface.
  • You may login to this website to receive notification through the mail of all matches.
  • This allows the HD quality video streaming with a good sound effect.


VipBox Sports

VipBox Sports is a platform you can use to spectacularly stream football games online. This is a popular website with all soccer facilities. In addition to football, it also offers a wide range of other activities.


  • It’s a perfect site for live streaming football. All live matches can be recorded with a single click.
  • The design is clean and simple.
  • You will check on your homepage for upcoming and current matches and events.
  • Both videos can be viewed in high quality images and audio.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a flexible sports and live television channel. The groundbreaking features have drawn millions of people from the United States and Europe to use it to watch live sports. Cricket, Formula 1, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Golf, Boxing, etc., are also available at this site.


  • There are several live streaming channels available.
  • It provides fast streaming connections to all popular US and European sports.
  • It provides great customer support and technical support.
  • The collaborative and user-friendly gui allows easy and free access.


Sony LIV

Sony LIV is an official platform established by the team to deliver all of its content on-line through Sony Pictures. It is an amazing outlet for watching live Football, Cricket and WWE without interruption and hassle.


  • It’s a perfect place for sports, news and entertainment.
  • This website is well categorized into different genres and offers different rating choices.
  • You will watch all Sony Pictures live channels.
  • The website’s interface is very basic, smooth and interactive, without advertising or pop-ups.
  • All the videos are high quality and audio and video can be adjusted freely.

Watch Live Daily

Watch Live Daily is a website for all the top soccer leagues. You’re not going to miss any of this football streaming site in the Champions League, La Liga, Series A and other matches. You will sign up for general updates on upcoming matches and notifications on current matches on this website.


  • It clearly answers all the demands of English football fans.
  • You can easily adjust the video quality as you want.
  • The video loads without buffering and smoothly.
  • It also has a great mobile site, which makes live football very realistic.
  • The guide is quick and interactive.


ESPN Player

ESPN is a popular sports watching service. You will capture all ESPN channel telecast live with ESPN Player. The services are available from Europe, the Middle East and a number of Asian countries.


  • It makes all ties available in HD quality for football streaming.
  • This is structured in several categories, allowing the user to access the website quickly.
  • You can see the live score, game analyzes and other updates here, apart from live football streaming.
  • It has a simple graphical interface that opens up a new world to watch football online.


SportRAR incorporates all popular sports such as football, tennis, basketball and hockey and represents all worldwide sports lovers. Ongoing and future matches can easily be viewed on their website.


  • It is linked to other sports streaming sites and provides quality streaming links.
  • This provides many connections to a specific match and gives the viewer several choices.
  • The platform has a clean and simple guide.
  • It regularly sends sports event updates and news to its subscribers.
  • It offers free of charge all its video content and schedules.


Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a platform created for Facebook company streaming. All the content and authenticity of this website are trustworthy. It gathers content from unofficial sources and makes it available officially through Facebook Watch.


  • You can conveniently watch football and other favorite sports with Chromecast on your mobile phone, laptop or TV.
  • You can enjoy live sports anywhere in the world at any time.
  • For use its content, you need a Facebook account.
  • It offers a decent outlet for all sports needs in one place.

If you are a football fan, you will find these websites very helpful. Many of them provide free live matches, including regional and international matches.

Each site has its unique benefits, so you can easily stream live videos from your favorite football streaming network. Another noteworthy thing is that you should have a good Internet connection so you can watch soccer live without problems.

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