If you like to play iPhone / iPad games, the fight mode is the best way to test how well you can play a game. You can almost fly across all levels if you’re in the single-player mode. It is a little harder to beat a level when you compete against one or more people. You can therefore test your abilities in iOS iPhone or iPad multiplayer games.

All this glitters isn’t gold, and it can be hard to know which game you should choose with so many options on the market. That’s why we took time to check your best iOS Multiplayer games! You can download these iPhone games from the links below in the App Store.

Top iOS Multiplayer Games for iPhone or iPad


This fascinating survival game has become one of the favorites of millions of online players and has gained a cult. This game is a true test of skill, you must seek weapons and resources, build a strategic plan to make it work. Do you have the skills to beat the other 99 players and the last one? The best part is that it is free because it is one of the most popular iPhone multiplayer games. You can go to today’s App Store to find out.


Clash of Clans

Were you thinking about Royal Politics? Or, you’re a big fan of the Thrones Game? Then this game will fit you correctly! You can build your fortress and train armies in this multiplayer iPhone game. When it’s time to defend your territories against the enemy troops until you’re actually the victorious king of the Kingdom!


8 Ball Pool

This application is a favorite of many players and you will know exactly why once you’re playing this game! In this iOS game you can not just challenge or invite friends of your 8 ball pool friends from Facebook to play a one-on – one game. The game also has an alternative known as an exercise area in which players can improve their pool skills and train their next opponents to defeat each other.


Head’s Up


Who isn’t Ellen DeGeneres loving? Just as her talk show, this game was a huge popular success. It’s a great game for a party or sleep, and something you can have with your mates, make teams to bring out your competitive side or play for fun as a group. The thrilling charades app has a wide variety of categories from which you can choose the iPhone game!

Words with Friends!


If you like to play Scrabble, you will love this game. You need to use the least steps in this multiplayer game to create words from the tokens available to you. Create the best words to win the iPhone game! As the name implies, you will play with friends and foreigners on the Internet to win the award.

Final Thoughts

The above list of iOS multiplayer games includes a variety of genres to choose and suit your daytime mood. You just start itching to go and download a few of them right away when you have so many different games to choose from. What of you are most excited? Whichever game you play first, surely one thing is, you’re never going to get bored again with your iPhone! Welcome to leave a message below if you have questions or suggestions.

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