Snapchat’s success swept around the world when it first launched as an unreliable messaging program. That is, shortly after you leave the conversation your messages are instantly deleted. Snapchat’s that popularity was sparked by Android Snapchat filters, or lenses, for the second round of boosts.

Immediately after this feature was launched, multiple applications in the Play Store began to change and adopt the same Android Face Filter features. “Selfie” has undeniably maintained an innovative photographic trend and has had a big influence on the technology industry and will continue for the next few decades. This filters add a great deal more fun to the same old pictures, in whatever type you want to share your selfies.

Snapchat is the first creator of this global pledge of animal facial filters, but for most offensive reasons it has been used by young people. A group of users are not a big fan of Snapchat’s confusing user interface. However, if you use the app for a long time, you may be sick of constantly applying the same filters. So let’s make a few changes to your self-obsession! Below we have listed several best Android selfie apps that provide you with so many alternative filter choices to enhance your cunning appearance. This Snapchat-like face filter applications can also be installed in your computer and posted on social platforms.

So, let’s start!



Instagram is an international app for its rich platform to demonstrate innovation, particularly photography. But, in recent times, Instagram has borrowed some of the latest features from Snapchat to keep pace with the trend. For starters, 24-hour news, volatile image texts, and filters. So what separates Instagram from the crowd of Snapchat filter apps? Insta has some of its own autonomous apps such as boomerang.

Nonetheless, we need to admit that Instagram editing tools are Android’s best class. It gives your images a professional finish with the least editing and no compromise on the quality of the picture. Isn’t it fantastic? Currently, it has about 20 face filters which you can obtain by clicking on the camera icon on the homepage and on the smiley icon on the next tab. Instagram and Snapchat are great apps, but they have completely different goals or implementations. One can complement the other easily. You can keep both apps concurrently on your phone and use one for creativity and the latter for entertainment.

Key features:

  • The app is completely free and does not include pop-up ads or in-app purchases.
  • Get inspired by recent trends in photography. Follow the subjects and celebrities of your passions, share your imagination and reach millions.
  • Best photo editing and direct sharing on various social media platforms.
  • Share your story with the largest number of viewers with unlimited photos and videos. Edit selfie and give it a personal touch with all the latest additions.

Face Swap


Even before the Snapchat era began, Face Swap Live already launched an amusing feature that lets you change your face with your mate. You can even trade your face with a famous person using the swap and see how weird you feel. The software can function with new or even click-through images in real time.

Key features:

  • Software edition Lite is also available.
  • Shopping in the app to update to funny latest features.
  • Video recording as your mask was switched.

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera


This one can ensure that in all your selfies you look magnificent. If you are searching for Snapchat filter applications that are not only humorous, but adds that B612 is one of the best self-filter applications for Android to enhance the image. The whitening brush, filter effects, photo editing tools are such that you can’t look bad in any way that makes all your funny image-perfect!

Key features:

  • New tools and filter effects for photo editing.
  • 1500 + stickers set, including several animal stickers.
  • Draw a gif with drawing effects as you press.
  • High quality filters for various picture types. Real-time high-end embellishment devices are also available.

Camera 360


This version is somewhat similar to B612 and is also available on the Play Store, with some occasional advertising. Camera 360 has an outstanding selfie camera that can take high MP images with or without filters in a perfect finish. The face filters will reliably monitor your profile, and both selfies and motion pictures can be pressed. Here, most tge filter effects involve stickers that make your appearance humorous. The fun element is therefore assured. The stock of free stickers is high and appropriately enriched. It was a camera app for Android selected by the publisher.

Key features:

  • Available in various versions of software such as the selfie photo editor app, the Bestie (selfie phone), selfie camera edition lite, etc.
  • Apps that incorporate music to the movies.
  • Make up camera in real time.



Unlike Snapchat, Facebook also acquires Masquerade or MSQRD to bring trends to the social media giant. MSQRD is quite similar to Snapchat’s imaging technology filters functionality. It can add different filters to your selfie and customize the pictures in the whimsical way possible. There are a lot of stickers available to keep you occupied for a while. The app is still available for download on the Play Store, although the purpose of the update is to enhance the Instagram story feature.

Key characteristics:

  • Recording video selfies with fun animations.
  • Preferences for direct and evolving Facebook broadcast.
  • Face Swap functionality newly added.

Missing Your Precious Android Selfies?

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