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Fixed: Avast Causing Internet Connection Issues

Avast offers a Network Performance Scan to check your internet credibility. Many users report that they have no problems with their internet access due to this scan.

Do you want to know how to fix Avast’s internet connection problems? Avast can cause internet connection problems if you have the latest version installed, especially if you are using paid versions.

Avast antivirus will usually fix the problem temporarily if your system is restarted. You can disable all shields and deactivate the firewall to get your internet connection back. Your internet security is now at risk because Avast has been stopped from running.

We’ve provided simple troubleshooting steps to fix Avast’s internet connection problems.

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Avast Antivirus Blocking WIFI Connection

Users have attempted to fix the problem with their web connection but failed.

The Avast firewall has been repaired. DNS settings have been changed and Avast VPN turned off. It won’t fix the problem. Except for remote desktop and steal mode on public networks, all system rules are enabled. Programs that do not have defined rules are available by asking. There are not no other options ticked under Settings>Protection>Firewall.

Modern Antivirus Programs Help Protect the Internet Firewall.

Antivirus programs used to be a tool for removing malware from infected computers. These tools offer total security. Users will not be satisfied with the tools if they don’t provide enough protection.

Network security was often left up to the router and user. This caused problems. It is possible to set routers up with default settings that will exploit or abuse DATA. Antivirus WIFI inspectors inspect routers for standard exploit methods and make recommendations to fix the holes. Avast, an antivirus software, can block users from accessing any suspicious websites or IPs.

How to fix internet connection issues caused by malware

These are the solutions to Avast’s firewall or web shield blocking your internet access.

Fix 1 – Lost connection with

Avast can break the connection to However, technically you won’t lose the connection as will be your local network IP. This IP is used by modems and routers.

Home Network Security feature is that the cause that your connection lost problem is happening. This feature is known as wifi Inspector in the most recent update. It scans your router to find vulnerabilities and default passwords.

Do a custom installation and do not install the component to fix the Avast unidentified networking problem. To check, you can also remove the component from avast settings.

Fix 2 – Avast Interrupting Internet Connection

Avast may be blocking DNS traffic. If this happens, internet access will be interrupted. To fix this problem, you will need to identify which Shield is behind. This is what you should do.

Open Avast and click “Protection” to the left. Click on the “Core Shields” tile to turn off the shields one at a time.

Before DNS requests are made, verify which Shield needs to be disabled.

Fix 3 – Download Avast Free Version

Avast Free doesn’t include a firewall, so you won’t be affected by internet blocking issues. However, the Free version has an internet shield that blocks access to malicious sites.

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Fix 4 – Contact Avast Customer Support

If you can’t solve Avast’s internet access problem, you ought to post your query on their official forum. Paid users can reach their 24-hour customer service to resolve any quiet issue.

Fix 5: Do a clean Format.

This was suggested by a tech forum. It’s not an easy step, but it worked for him.

He first updated the wifi driver. However, it didn’t resolve the network problems. He still received “unidentified network”, “limited access”, and occasionally “no internet accessibility” errors.

He tried changing TCP/IPv4 settings, which occasionally worked but “limited access” or “unidentified networks” kept coming back.

Finally, he created a clean system that resolved the issue once and for all.

Questions from the user:

1. Avast SecureLine turns off the Internet connection and there is no internet connection

After a recent windows update, I experienced this problem. My avast secured line stopped working. Once I switch it on, it does hook up with the VPN, and therefore the Avast SecureLine app says it’s connected and my privacy is protected.

2. My internet access is being blocked by Avast Firewall

There is no Avast error or warning. I only see the message “Menu” instead of my login information. It’s ironic considering that disabling Avast Firewall will instantly give me internet access.

Firefox and Avast Secure browsers do not produce any errors when loading any website. The exception to “check your internet connectivity” is the only error that occurs when trying to load a page. Windows Network Diagnostics troubleshooting returned an exceptional response in trying to fix the web connection.

3. After installing Avast Free, and uninstalling it, there is no internet connection

After reading positive reviews, I decided to install the accessible version Avast a few minutes ago.

While ticking all the options, I performed a custom installation. My internet suddenly stopped working right after the installation was completed. I was using a modem and was getting the Limited Connection prompt. The direct cable also stopped working.

After leaving the Load Avast box unchecked, I noticed that the Load Avast service was not available. I, therefore, checked it. I tried first to disable the online Shield but it didn’t help.

The web wasn’t working after I uninstalled Avast using the instrument panel. I then used the uninstall tool in safe mode on the Avast website, but with no results.

4. Can’t connect to the internet (no internet connection) after updating avast ver.8.0.1483

After upgrading to avast 8.0.1483, I have no internet access. My OS is windows 7 home premium. I will try to restart my computer. The pop-up says “avast won’t be ready to defend mail/news (error 10050). Please make sure that the avast is enabled! Your personal firewall isn’t blocking service (AvastSvc.exe).

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5. After the latest Avast update, internet access is no longer possible

This is a real drag. After the latest program update, avast will block all internet connections. Where was the easy-to-use avast that could automatically update without requiring a restart?

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