Due to the pandemic and lockdown happening in the whole world, many people, especially students, must create videos for their requirements. They are expected to record videos such as dancing, playing sports, doing speeches, commercials, advertisements, and many more for grade purposes. And many of them are having a problem finding the best tool to edit their videos. And also, most of them are not professionals in this field. Most of them do not know how to trim and compress videos to save space for their device. Thankfully, there are many tools where people and users can easily navigate and create videos for their goods. One of those is Acethinker Video Editor Online. It is a very straightforward tool with complete package functions applicable and valuable to everyone. Even if you do not understand video editing, you can easily create a stunning video for school-related matters.

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Part 1. AceThinker Online Video Editor

Part 2. How to Trim Video Using the Online Video Editor

Part 3. How to Compress Video Using Online Video Editor

Part 4. Edit Video using AceThinker Video Editor Pro

Part 1. AceThinker Online Video Editor

Video editing is easier than ever by using AceThinker Free Online Video Editor. You can directly edit on the main interface of the official page. It is also a flexible program because it is well-functioning on Mac OS and Windows. Open any browser on your desktop and create an awesome video. However, internet connections must be available because you cannot edit video if you have a poor or no Wi-Fi connection.

Supported Formats: This tool supports a wide variety of video formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, MTS. and many more.

Key Features

  • Safe because after you have used this tool, all your information will be deleted after 24 hours.
  • Multi-functional since you can do a lot of editing ways such as trim video, compress, crop, rotate video, etcetera any time you want.
  • Fast rendering because of the improved algorithm that can maintain the high-speed video processor.
  • Anyone can access it because it is available worldwide, as long as it fits in your web browser.

Part 2. How to Trim Video Using the Online Video Editor

If you wish to save some space and remove unnecessary parts on your video, you can trim it by using the AceThinker Online Video Editor. To help you with that, please follow the given steps as we go through this review.

Step 1. Open your Browser and Search the Program

Open your browser on your desktop and visit Online Video Editor. And after that, you can see all the features available on the main interface of the utility. Click the “Trim Video.”

AceThinker Free Online Video Editor

Step 2. Import the File

Click the “+” button on the middle part of the window. Now, you can insert the file by choosing it on your documents lists. After loading, you can now trim your video.

software review trim video step-2

Step 3. Trim Your Video and Finish Editing

After you have inserted the file, you can proceed in trimming your video. You can remove all the unwanted parts of the video to create a better impact. If you are through, you can click the “Start Processing” button to finish the procedure. Wait for a little while, and then your file will be ready.

software review trim video step 3

Part 3. How to Compress Video Using Online Video Editor

And if you want to compress a video to reduce the file size, click the menu for that. And follow these steps;

Step 1. Download Acethinker Launcher

Visit the Free Video Compress page, click the “Compress Video” on the center part of the page to get the launcher of the Online Video Editor. Then click the “Download” button to get the installer. After that, you can initiate the process.

software review trim video step 1

Step 2. Insert the File of the Video you want to Compress

If the installer is finished and ready. Insert the video file you want to compress and reduce the size. After that, you can finalize the video and start compressing.

software review compress video step 2

Step 3. Finish Compressing

After you have chosen the files, you can now continue compressing. You can adjust the size of the file, choose the format, and change the resolution. And then, tick the “Compress” button to finish compressing.

software review compress video step 3

Part 4. AceThinker Video Editor Pro

Operating System: Compatible to both Mac OS and Windows

Supported Format: After you are done editing you can export your video to any video formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, etcetera.

AceThinker Video Editor Pro is the upgraded version of the online-based utility. The features are even great in this version. You can download the tool for free and create a stunning video for your requirements. All of the features of Online Video Editor compressed to a single tool with even great functions. You can polish your video by inserting texts, transitions, background music, pictures, logos, filters, different elements, and many more.

Key Features

  • Unlike the online tool, you can work offline using this. You just need to download the tool to your computer.
  • What is great about this tool, is you can edit partially and you can continue anytime far from the online-based program
  • You can also customize and insert watermarks so you can share them online without worrying about your video being copyrightsoftware review video editor pro

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