What is the Most Secure Remote Access Protocol?


What is the most secure remote access protocol?

Remote access is a benefit to many organizations, but it can also make them a target for modern hacking or online theft.

Remote access services were responsible for one of the most significant data breaches in recent years. According to a Verizon 2012 report, 88% of hackings in Verizon’s data set were due to remote access. When you want to add remote accessibility technology to your company, it is important to choose the right security protocol.

Secure Remote Desktop Access Protocol

Although a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is the most popular remote access solution at the moment it can pose some security risks to your company. A VPN access can expose your company to many security threats that are not within its network. Trustwave’s 2011 report found that most data breaches were linked to VPN connections.

remote Access software is another option for a VPN. Remote access software allows you to connect to another computer remotely. You can access files and apps from there. Remote access software, like VPNs, uses strong encryption methods to protect against threats beyond your network’s walls. Multi-factor authentication is used to verify that only authorized access is granted to your network and devices.

Remote Access Protocols

Remote Desktop Access software can also be used to restrict access to sensitive or confidential data.

If you don’t need file transfer capabilities on remote access software, you can disable them. This is especially important if your company must follow strict compliance remote desk protocols for its safety and protection.

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