Most children nowadays have tablets or smartphones with social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Tiktok, Snapchat, or Kik. If you want to keep an eye on your children online to make sure they are healthy. You’ll need one of the best Parental Control Apps to keep your child healthy, such as one that allows you to track your child’s location and monitor their everyday screen activities.

Free Parental Control App for Android Phone

Kids Zone

The first parental control application is Kids Zone. It’s designed to keep an eye on kids’ computers, lock phones, and only allow certain apps to run on them. If children attempt to instal other software, it will be blocked. It keeps track of the apps that kids use. Children are unable to make embarrassing phone calls or send embarrassing text messages to anyone. You can keep an eye on your children at all times with the help of this app. It’s the simplest way to make a child-proof kids mode.

Features of the Children’s Zone

  • Children should not be able to use until they are allowed to send and receive text messages and phone calls.
  • Other programmes are not allowed to be installed.
  • Protect your children from the dangers of social media.
  • All contacts and system settings are protected from being changed.
  • Keep your personal information safe from children.

App Kids

App kids allows you to transform your tablet or smartphone into a digital play area for your children. The material that you have approved, such as playing games and watching videos, is easily accessible to the kid. You may also use the parent code to protect the rest of the content. Little children enjoy catching their parents’ smartphones and tablets and using them to play games, respond to contact, and watch them light up.

Features of app kids

  • Block the installation of new apps and the purchase of in-app purchases.
  • The child will ask for new games to be installed from Xooloo’s game library.
  • Create a secure area for children on your computer that is secured by a parental code.
  • The only permissible Application is chosen by the boy.
  • Keep curious children away from your computer.

Screen Time Parental Control

Parental Control of Screen Time assists in the management of a child’s screen time. You can use your phone to restrict your children’s everyday usage. You will see which apps kids use and how long they use them. This application offers a variety of features, including social media monitoring, comprehensive web monitoring, location tracking, website visits, and video viewing by children. You can track the kids’ whereabouts, but where are they?

Features of Screen Time Parental Control

  • Provide the ability to monitor your location.
  • View all of a child’s habits, including websites accessed, videos viewed, and more.
  • Set a daily use cap for your children.
  • Blocks inappropriate pages.
  • You’ll be able to share apps with the other adults in your party.

Kid’s Shell

Kid’s Shell is built to keep an eye on your kids. Kid’s Shell allows children to run only those applications that you have approved. By using parent code, you can build a safe zone and launcher for your children. Children are not allowed to make or send non-permissible calls or messages. Non-permissible and paying applications are not allowed to be installed by the boy.

Features of Kid’s Shell

  • Keeps all of your child’s favourite apps in one location.
  • Prevent your child from using the Internet.
  • It protects both your child and your system.
  • Apps and calls that aren’t allowed are blocked.
  • Control the amount of time your child spends playing.

Google Family Link for Parents

With the aid of this application, you can build a Google account that appears to be yours. It aids in the direction of children as they play, read, and explore the internet. It depicts children’s small and big acts. It assists in blocking the application that your children attempt to load. It also prevents unwelcome applications and calls.

Features of Google Family Link

  • Limit the amount of time you spend on the screen.
  • Lock your laptop from afar.
  • Find out where the kids are right now.
  • View your children’s app use.

Final thoughts

Using the above-mentioned application, you can keep an eye on your children. This software is extremely easy to use. Children can only use the applications that you have approved through these apps. We can shield our children from online misconduct with the help of these apps. This protects your sensitive information from children’s surveillance. With these apps, you can provide a safe haven for your kids. Parents should be aware of these apps for their children.

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