5 Best Streaming Platforms for Gaming as of 2021

The greatest thing that’s ever happened in the gaming industry right now is live streaming. It lets gamers share with an engaged audience their wins and battles as well as their funny, epic moments of failure. It helps you to create a community and make friends, and you can make a living from it. There’s a digital world out there for gamers, each offering you loads of endless possibilities, but which one of all these platforms should you call home?


Twitch is the increasingly popular and most influential streaming site. It’s like a live streaming YouTube, and if you open YouTube, you’ll see a lot of video content. On Twitch, you’ll see content streamed online.

So far, it is the best streaming network, and it’s not just for gaming. You read it correctly. You’ll probably think of video games when you hear the word Twitch, but there are already quite a few popular non-gaming related Twitch streams, such as NASA, Mirggles, Cnotbusch, and more.

They have a really nice, well-organized user interface, and Twitch is free to use. It has a comprehensive overview of the live views, subscribers, sales, top clips, etc. Their website is robust. Twitch currently has 7+ million users worldwide, and it may be a little difficult for you to create an audience if you’re a novice. Twitch doesn’t really welcome new users, so for a while, you’ll be on your own. They seem to have the worst aspect of monetization as well. You need to be an affiliate first, then you can monetize your content. Viewers will subscribe to your channel once you’re an affiliate. One subscription is equal to $4.99 a month; streamers earn just half of that, however.

But then again, Twitch is the leading platform, and if you managed to get a ranking of all its millions of users successfully, it will be a huge accomplishment in the entire live stream & gaming world.


The world’s first and largest blockchain streaming platform, which launched in 2017, is a relatively new platform. The platform uses its own currency scheme, and does not reduce the revenue produced by streamers significantly. In 2019, PewDiePie sponsored DLive and was streamed on the site regularly by A Pro Gamer and one of YouTube’s best developers.

The gui is tidy, depending on what game is played, the browse menu is structured. If you choose League of Legends, you will be able to see all the streamers playing the game. It has a number of streaming categories. ESports is split into different games, including Counter-Strike, GTA, DOTA 2, and several others. Streaming is also available for music, news, and other broadcasts. Also available for iOS and Android users is DLive.

DLive does not cut the revenue received by streamers from subscriptions or digital donations, unlike Twitch, which maintains 50 percent of channel subscription revenue. The platform claims that it explicitly gives the developers 90.1 percent of all subscription and gift profits, and the remaining 9.9 percent will be awarded to the most active users.


The largest internet video sharing site. It’s where almost all makers of videos are. You will find or get started with all sorts of vloggers on YouTube. YouTube opened its doors to live streamers back in 2008. But, unlike streaming services, instead of streaming content, YouTube appears to lean more on video content. When you open YouTube, you’ll most definitely see vlogs. The platform doesn’t make it simple enough to advertise its streamers or to support viewers in a sea of pre-recorded videos to find live streams.

Streaming and uploading videos on YouTube is fairly fast, though. The gui is easy to understand and use. The cool thing about YouTube streaming is that when you’re finished, your video is already posted, and even if viewers tune in late, they can rewind and watch.

With Google AdSense, its streams can be monetized by new users. You would need to be a YouTube partner if you want better monetization. To enter the service, you will need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views.


A global gaming group that focuses on eSports content of high quality, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch, League of Legends and StarCraft II. It is a competitive site that has scheduled users’ tournaments and matches and includes players from many countries around the world and has a global ranking.

Users of GosuGamers are awarded 50 units of site currency they can use to bet on their favorite competitors in eSports. The website also provides the eSports community’s latest news. This is an ideal destination for professional gamers and fans of eSports.


Live streaming games on Facebook is as easy on your personal account as live streaming. It’s as easy as pushing the like button to set your page to Gamer Content Creator. However, within the app, Facebook has an immense amount of distinct content. On Facebook, people scroll endlessly, and chances are they’ll come across your video, and it will automatically play. Facebook is the one with regard to reach.

If it were to be found on YouTube or Twitch, it would be a bit difficult for you. If someone shares your video on Facebook, it will be shared on their timeline and will be seen through their links. These are their friends, family, colleagues, etc., and these links can see your stream or content on their timeline and can be a prospective viewer and subscriber. It’s going to spread like a wildfire. Videos might instantly become viral. It wouldn’t compare, however, to being a recognized creator on YouTube or Twitch.

Viewers can support their favorite streamers by giving them stars; each star is worth 1 cent. Monetization on Facebook Gaming works like this. Not only do you still have access to stars once you reach the partner level, but now viewers are able to subscribe to your channel for $4.99 a month. There are no clear statistics for becoming a partner on Facebook; Facebook will only reach out to you if they think you should join the program.

In general, Live Streaming isn’t just sitting on your chair and going live, waiting for stuff to happen. It’s a lot of hard work and you will need time and commitment. But if your hobby is gaming, it’s going to be a lot of fun, and it could be potentially lucrative. No matter which channel you want to start on, never forget to always have fun. Anyway, you’re joining a gaming culture. What’s not fun about it?

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