Windows users, particularly Windows 7 and 10 users, can receive Error Code 0x800704cf if they attempt to connect a network PC. The same error occurs with Workgroup for Windows 10 users.

You should read “Error code: 0x800704cf . The network location cannot be reached” to be precise. The mistake can be annoying when it prohibits you from exchanging files or completing certain other activities when accessing a network PC.

Fixing Windows Can’t access Error CodeĀ 0x800704cf

Windows network pc error 0x800704cf

Method 1: Uncheck Microsoft Network Clients

To repair your system’s 0x800704cf mistake, you simply need to uncheck the Microsoft Network Client choice. Which has addressed the error code issue for many users in many situations. Let’s see if they do it.

Step 1: Right-click the Taskbar Network icon and click “Open Network and sharing centre.” Instead, Open Network and Sharing Center can also be checked for on your PC.

Step 2: Once Windows opens, from the left pane, click on Change Adapter settings.

Step 3: A new dialogue box for all network links should open in front of you. Right-click Network Adapter (Wi-Fi) and pick Resources.

Step 4: The Assets dialogue is shown. Now, uncheck the very first alternative that should be Microsot Network Client, and then press Yes.

Go to verify whether you still have the error code 0x800704cf or not until all steps are finished.

Method 2: Reset TCP/IP stack

To reset TCP/Ip, a few commands need to be executed in the Command Prompt window. Make sure that you open the Command Prompt as an administrator to execute the following instructions.

  • Right-click Start and click Command Prompt(Admin) to get started.
  • Type in ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and click Enter. This will delete the DNS buffer.
  • Write “nbtstat -RR” again before you press Enter. This will change the netBIOS titles.
  • Press ‘Netsh int ip reset’ next and Enter to Reset IP settings next.
  • Finally, execute the order “netsh winsock reset” and press enter to Reset Winsock Catalog.

Reboot your PC after executing all 4 commands properly. Error code 0x800704cf should be fixed if TCP/Ip appears to be a problem.

Method 3: Network Adapter Uninstallation

  • Look for “Device Manager.” on your PC.
  • To open it, click on the result displayed.
  • Click the Display button and pick ‘Display secret gadgets.’
  • Expand the Network Adapter to see your PC’s list of adapters.
  • Uninstall them all now, one at a time.
  • Next, press Action and select “Scan for Hardware changes”

That is, with this process of uninstalling and adding network adapters, you are done. Most possibly, the 0x800704cf bug on your device should have been patched.

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